• TheShaymin

    Hey guys, it's me, totallyhypnosquid.

    Wow it's been a while since I've seen this wiki, it holds so many good memories and times we had with each other. This isn't neccarily a "let's revive it" post but I do want to catch up with all of you, whether it be on wikia, steam, etc.

    So, how've you all been? :)

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  • TheShaymin


    September 9, 2013 by TheShaymin

    Does anyone have any Kid Icarus or Pikmin OCs I may use? If you do please let me know! |!¤*'~``~'*¤!|ø\\ ț¤țåȽȽÿȟÿקñ¤§ǭɥȋď <(o-o<) KIRBY LOVES POKEMON!| (talk) 01:39, September 9, 2013 (UTC)Totallyhypnosquid "My favorite wiki is here!"

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  • TheShaymin

    Reunion! :D

    July 31, 2013 by TheShaymin

    Hai guise, I've been wondering why I miss this wiki so much, I miss everyone on it! Well, this Sunday at 1PM EDT, I'll be here, I hope to see our Admins, and Crats, Boos, Chip, and Blue, I know you're reading this. I'd be very happy to see you all in one place again, anyone else who was here is also welcome.

    Also, I'd like to say, I'm going to give Shale the Shy Guy, a Backstory!

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  • TheShaymin

    Guys so you may have noticed I haven't made any chapters for Mirriois' Story, well, that's because of the animation I plan to do, but what I didn't know, is how much a program would cost.. ^.^, So until I'm able to buy and learn a program, I'll either continue Mirriois' Story, or make a new Story with new characters, I'm definitely not forgetting about Mirriois' Story though, I'll finish this season soon enough. What do you want me to do? Continue the story then make a new one? Or make a new one then finish season 2? I'll make my decision once every mod here gives an answer.

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  • Booswithanger

    Last time, Robert and Greg were granted access to the Beedrills' Tree thanks to Greg's Beedrill friend, Jorge. So Robert and Greg climbed up, entered holes, and flew up a step or two to reach the top.

    Robert: *climbing up the tree* You know, this would be much easier if their weren't any Weedles walking around..

    Greg: Heh, well at least I can just fly up. I'm just guarding you right now.

    Robert: Oh well thanks, but I'm not a little kid anymore, so don't treat me like one.

    Greg: Oh, okay. But if you get hurt don't come crying to me.

    Robert: Yeah, I know already I won't. I'll go to a nearby bush or something to find a Oran Berry. IF I actually get hurt.

    Greg: Yeah, yeah. I get it I don't have to guard you. Don't make such a big whoop that I don't …

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  • Booswithanger

    It was a normal day in Viridian Forest. Actually, no it wasn't. A lot of the previous generation's Caterpies were growing their cocoons; or just evolving into Metapods in other words. This was one of the things they did to grow into their final forms. But you, the reader, already knows that so it's pretty much pointless telling you. So yeah all the Caterpies were growing into their cocoons, by eating leaves, and such. All expect for one. This Caterpie's name is Robert, and this is his story.

    Robert, much like the other Caterpies, couldn't wait to evolve into a Metapod like his realtives and cousins. Ever since he was hatched from his egg, he dreams of becoming like his Mom, or Dad. So Robert, like the other Caterpies, slept in nerby a tree …

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  • Booswithanger

    This is a fanmade purpose it is not canon or probably won't be canon.

    Now you know how at the end of season 1 when Mirriois and the rest of the gang put Master Bill in a black hole or some shit? Well in season 2 Master Bill is back. However, how can he be back if he already died a tragic space death? Well in the beginning of season 2 Bolt and the rest of his crew try building a space ship to reincarnate him they spent months on it but it still didn't work. That was, until, they found Glaxia. When they reached that area the ship sent out Master Bill 2.0, just as planned. However, how is it that the ship took them to Glaxia and once they were there he was reincarnated by the ship? Well here it is, his…

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  • Booswithanger

    This Wiki Is Dead

    April 20, 2013 by Booswithanger


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  • Booswithanger

    Hello everybody

    March 27, 2013 by Booswithanger

    Hello all so recently, I got the Mario spririt back after finding Super Mario Flash 2, and beating the story. So I made some levels wwhich only take about 30 minutes to make if you wwant it to be simply good. And I'm thinking of making a fanfiction about these levels, but explaining the actual story first? Or should I make the fanfiction completey out of scrap and make levels out of main parts? I don't knoww but if any of you agree I should make it comment beloww.

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Hey, guys, Chipika here! I've noticed a lack of activity on this wiki, so this is what I've come up with. We're going to do our first interactive story!

    So, here's how it's going to work. This blog will be updated weekly, and this story will be done in sections with 3-7 answers per section, in a poll. The answer choice in the section's poll that has the most votes will decide the outcome of the story.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. Begin the adventure!

    You awaken in a large, grassy field covered in brightly colored mushrooms. A few feet from you, you notice a pond. You look into the pond, and are shocked by your reflection. You appear to have turned into a...

    If there isn't any answer that you'd like on the poll, …

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  • TheShaymin

    Hello all. This is what you all been waiting for! The season TWO premiere of Mirriois's story!

    • Mirriois Preview Starts now*

    Narrator: Five months since the battle of Master Bill has passed, And this saturday, starts a new adventure.

    Rosalina: Mirriois, This Guy has too much power, you need to get the power of the Elements to help you.

    Shale: Elements? Thats Intense!

    • Other preview*
    • looks into the dark space full of stars*

    ???: I lost everything...and I'm gonna restore my honor

    • End of preview*
    • Last preview*
    • Looks at "???"*

    Mirriois: Your not getting away with this!

    ???: Mirriois, you cannot defeat me on your own, now prepare for the ultimate tool.

    • Shined Very bright*

    Mirriois: AAAH!!

    ???: Mwahaha!

    • End of last preview*

    Now, You saw a preview(s) Now be ready …

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  • Booswithanger

    The Chiliytron9000

    October 29, 2012 by Booswithanger

    title says it all

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  • TheShaymin

    Hello All!

    I have decided I'll be making news at certain times

    For this I have to say I have more Ideas for next season than this season xD

    - This season will have 7 episodes

    -A new OC has made a appearance in episode 4, His name Isn't revealed yet, For now he'll stay Mystery shy guy

    - The current Characters are, Mirriois, Rosalina, Polari, Alumas, Wings, Master Bill ( Aka Super Bolt), Mystery shy Guy, AND the boo.

    I have started posting stuff on deviantart, But The better pictures will be drawn on Paper.

    Chipka123, Is making a new forum adventure with all of our known, Characters

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  • TheShaymin

    Hello all!

    As some of you know I have created a new character called mirriois (i made a page for him in case if you do not know) and I want to explain him more, but in a fasion of a fan fic, It's going to be mirriois's story. Here is a preview:

    ???: Oh my dear, are you ok?

    Unknown Luma: Ugh.....

    ???: Whats your name?

    Unknown Luma: My uh.... Name? It's uh... Uh... I do not think I have one....

    ???: Oh you poor dear, let me bring you to the Comet Observatory.

    Unknown luma: I can get up my self!....

    • falls to the ground*

    I'm going to try to write the first chapter tomorrow.

    Leave comments below!

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  • BlueSeven123

    -Preview Starts Now-

    "Hurry up!" Madz exclaimed at Soren, who was now lagging behind.

    "I'm...trying." he replied.

    He then fell to his knees and retched a small puddle of blood on the floor. "Ugh..."

    Madz and Billy then rushed to his side.

    "What's wrong with you?" Billy asked.

    He got no answer. Instead, he saw him holding his stomach, eyes closed.

    Ashley noticed this, and walked over to him.

    "What's wrong Soar..?" she nervously asked. She was just mere inches away from him, but a repulsing field violently pushed her back, and she hit her head on the hard ground. "Ow!"

    They went to help her up, but the second they turned back around, they regretted it. Soren's breathing intensified, and he was now clutching his chest.

    "What the...." Madz said, taking a…

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the third newscast!

    Paratroopa: Finally, you get it right, sheesh!

    Boo: Sorry for the lateness, we were kinda busy with our adventures...


    Bowser: Hey, get back here with my house!

    Yoshi: Para, run faster!

    -End Flashback-

    Boo: ...Okay, let's move on!

    Paratroopa: Yoshi! That's a long list of people!

    Yoshi: Yeah, I know. Did it help, though?

    Boo: Let's ask the viewers. Maybe it might help them. And frankly, it's not that long.

    Yoshi: Are you sure? It looks pretty long to me...

    Paratroopa: Yeah, I doubt it.

    Yoshi: Good news, we're gonna start drawing pictures of our adventures!

    Boo: We'll also be doing pictures for others as well.

    Yoshi: So basically; if you got a request, we'll do it!

    Paratroopa: Um, if you do req…

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  • Booswithanger

    -Kirby jumps into camera-

    Kirby: Hello everyone, here's our great news!

    Chilly: Starting with lots of people!

    Waddle Doo: Yeah!

    Kirby: So let's get started and enjoy the show!!

    Kirby: Somebody ate my oreo.


    Waddle Doo: A mass Killer we have here.

    Kirby: WHAT!?

    Waddle Doo: This looks like a job for, DETECTIVE WADDLE DOO!!

    Pop Star, Dream Land

    Yoshi: -sarcastically- Haha, very funny.

    Waddle Doo: STOP RIGHT THERE!!

    Yoshi: What?

    Waddle Doo: You look like the eating type, do by any chance, -pulls out paper with oreo in it- EAT THIS!!

    Yoshi: Um..... I guess.

    Waddle Doo: Have you eaten a oreo today?

    Yoshi: No I haven't.

    Waddle Doo: You got lucky this time, but I got my eyes on you!!!

    -Waddle Doo walks away-


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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Yoshi: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the live recording of our newspaper!

    Paratroopa: Newscast.

    Yoshi: Whatever!

    Boo: Stop arguing! We're stallling, guys.

    Paratroopa: So we're stalling.

    Boo: Yeah, pretty much. Onto the news!

    Boo: Fun Stuff is up, go read it! This issue is pretty funny, what with all the jokes in there.

    Yoshi: Yeah, here's the link.

    Paratroopa: ...What the heck is a link doing in the kitchen?!

    Yoshi: We're linking Fun Stuff, why?

    Paratroopa: Well, you crowded out the whole kitchen, congratulations.

    As of now, I will be taking requests to draw pictures for stories and characters on this wiki. If you would like to request something, feel free to inform me.


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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    This is the complete story of how TAOYBAP became what it is today.

    A few years ago, I got Mario Hoops 3-on-3. In a few months, I beat the game and unlocked everyone. I played as a Yoshi, a Boo, and a Paratroopa (And I still do today!). So that's how we got the characters.

    The concept of the whole "Oh no, Bowser's sent us to another land!" thing started after I re-read a few of my old comics about Kirby. How you can get an idea for something related to Bowser from Kirby, I'll never know. But either way, I got the idea. That counts for something, right? xD

    Soon after I got back into editing Wikia, I joined the Fansion Wiki, where I got into doing script-form stories. (Thanks for that, GoldenDrilly.) On May 17th, after looking through the Yoshi …

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  • Booswithanger

    A guy that will appear in the stories.

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  • Booswithanger

    coded blog

    July 3, 2012 by Booswithanger


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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    -Yoshi jumps in front of the camera-

    Yoshi: Hey everyone! This is a live recording of our newspaper!

    Boo: -floats in- But this isn't a newspaper, it's a newscast.

    Yoshi: A what? Boo, you've been hanging out with Para too much!

    Paratroopa: Hey! I resent that remark!

    Yoshi: Anyway, onto the news! It includes polls and all those things, so vote!

    Boo: You're starting to sound like a person when they're running for election...

    Yoshi: I don't get it. What's a wiki?

    Paratroopa: Well, this is an announcement for a contest this wiki is having.

    Yoshi: What's the "wiki" about?

    Paratroopa: It is about the stories about our adventures, Yoshi. It's pretty cool.

    Yoshi: You mean people read about what we do? Gah! -runs around screaming-

    Boo: What's going on- Oh. Don't…

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  • Booswithanger

    Hello people I just came to tell everybody that I just fixed my PC (yes I myself did) and now I am back with so many ideas! As I learned that season 2 of TAOYBAP is coming soon. I also got a idea to make TWO new stories that's right two!

    Now let's see I made TAOKWDAC TAOFQBACP Backstage with the cast of TAOYBAP, TAOKWDAC, and TAOFQBACP. And THS That's four stories that I am working on!

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  • Booswithanger

    I like SSG am making a story called TAOFQBACP.

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  • Booswithanger

    The first Project

    June 22, 2012 by Booswithanger

    Hello people I will be making a project of my story which is chapter 5. This one is going to be extra long unlike most of the storys on the wiki. So for this I will have to upgrade it daily. Next week the story will come out!!

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    This post will list the alternative titles for the chapters of Season One. It will also have synopses, or summaries, of the chapters and the mini story-arcs.

    The Adventures of Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa/Season One (overall): Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa are far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. They must find a way to get back home and stop Bowser's plans.

    Chapter 1- The Misadventures Begin: The three, after being bored, are led on a high-speed chase in the sky after they steal Old Man Kamek's wand.

    Chapter 2- Meet The Endgame: As they approach the exit of the island's forest, they are blocked by someone (Endgame) who claims to be their "imaginary choir leader".

    Chapter 3- In The Realm Of Portals: Stuck in Endgame's portal, the three must find a w…

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  • Booswithanger

    Kirby: We got to get out of the cage!

    Chilly: Super ice throw!

    -The cage turns into a ice cage-

    Kirby: How did that help?

    Chilly: Easy, the cage will melt along with the ice if the sun comes back.

    Waddle Doo: That is the dumbest idea ever.

    Kirby: SHHH, I think they heard us!

    White Bird: Huh?

    Chilly: Oh great, now YOU woke them up!

    Red Bird: Get them!!

    -The Angry Birds surround the cage-

    Kirby: Now it got worse.

    Chilly: What do you mean?

    Kirby: We are surrounded, are you blind?

    Waddle Doo: Wait if we attack these guys we might eat chicken for dinner tonight!

    Kirby: No, we can't attack them!

    Kirby: How did you guys get here?!

    Red Bird: Aw, we went to space got powers ect.

    Yellow Bird: Then we came here.

    Chilly: Tell us the whole story.

    Red Bird: I guess, we wer…

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  • Random yoshi 777

    time machine

    June 19, 2012 by Random yoshi 777

    Update: This is the part of what was the future that I got stuck in, so technically, I'm back!

    Update: I broke the flux-capacitor on my time machine and am now stuck about a week in the future, see you then

    Hello my friends, I'm going to the future, but it doesn't really matter because by the time you read this I will be back.

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  • Booswithanger

    Chapter two

    June 18, 2012 by Booswithanger

    Dark Matter: Send in Dark Zero!

    Kirby: Oh great not this guy again.

    Waddle Doo: Isn't he the easiet boss in Kirby: Squeak Squad?

    Kirby: Kinda

    Dark Zero: Behold the strong power of Dark Nebula!

    Dark Zero: Look at me shoot lasers!

    Chilly: I got a idea!

    Kirby: Spread the word.

    Chilly: I will make a snowball....

    Waddle Doo: Woah woah woah, we can't damage him with that.

    Chillu: What I was saying, I will make a snowball then Kirby can inhale it and become...

    All three: ICE KIRBY!

    Waddle Doo: Opps you think we said that too loud.

    Dark Zero: Ice Kirby? Well I will turn into my ice form!

    Chilly: Just inhale it to stop this.

    Kirby turns into Ice Kirby with some music in the background!

    Kirby: I will shot these ice knifes at you!

    Chilly: Wait, I can do that.

    Kirby: W…

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  • Booswithanger

    Chapter One

    June 16, 2012 by Booswithanger

    One day on the Pop Star

    Kirby:I'm bored

    Chilly:Plus it's hot outside!

    -Waddle Doo comes in-

    Waddle Doo:Guys I brought PIZZA!

    Chilly:COOL! How many?

    Waddle Doo:Um more then one box?

    Kirby:It's two, if your blind Chily.

    Kirby:Ok what are we waiting for? EAT!

    -But Daroach comes in and steals them!-

    Daroach:HA HA! I just stole your pizza! How about that!

    -Kirby to Waddle Doo and Chilly- Kirby:Don't worry he hates mushrooms.

    Daroach:Now I am going to eat this right you guys' faces!


    Chilly:Ha ha, good one Waddle Doo.

    Daroach:Fine then if we are doing jokes I will be reading this book!

    -Holds the book "Jokes for you and Me, We are all family!"-

    Daroach:And I will watch the Endgame show hosted by Endgame himself!

    Kirby:Ha ha, loser.


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  • Booswithanger

    I like SSG am making a fan story which is going to be, TAoKWDAC. I will Update it once I think of stuff.

    More Updates!

    And how can we forget.....

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  • SuperShyGuy1011

    -Paratroopa flies up to the reader-

    Paratroopa: Hi there! As you all know, i'm OBVIOUSLY Paratroopa. I'm here for the new "Ask Paratroopa" Blog created by SuperShyGuy1011! all know what to do, Ask away!

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  • SuperShyGuy1011

    Hi-ya guys, SuperShyGuy1011 here typing up this blog post to tell you guys that I'm making a new FanFiction story Super Mario:The Dream Crystal.I need some people to represent some characters for the story!

    Here's a list of characters that are needed: Kamek

    Princess Peach
    Princess Rosalina
    Spor T. (Random Toad character I made up)

    That's all for now guys! Tune in for updates to see who got what part!

    ~ SuperShyGuy1011 … Read more >
  • Booswithanger

    New Badges!

    June 2, 2012 by Booswithanger

    I just made some new Badges.You can call me the Badge Cooker heh.

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    Yoshi: Whoa! What is that?

    Paratroopa: That "thing" is a camera.

    Yoshi: I thought those were called Lakitus!

    Boo: And we're live!

    Yoshi and Paratroopa: ...Oh.

    And that marks the beginning of ask blogs! Ask away!

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  • Nart L. Chipikal

    To kickstart this wiki, I will explain what it is about.

    This wiki is about The Adventures of Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa, a fanfic that can be read on the Fansion Wiki. The story is about a Yoshi, a Boo, and a Paratroopa with their crazy adventures. As of this very kickstarter blog, The Adventures of Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa is at 'Season 1, Episode 5".

    So I hope I've actually kickstarted this wiki! If I have, I guess I'm doing my virtual job right! :D

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