Buzzy in New Super Mario Bros..

Buzzy Beetle (or simply Buzzy) is the deuteragonist of The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba. He is friends with Koopa and Goomba. In the group, he is the second-in-command.


Buzzy once lived in Koopa Village along with Koopa and Goomba, and afterwards, the three of them were turned against the Mushroom Kingdom by Bowser. They succeeded in doing the tasks that they were told to do. After noticing what they've done, they betrayed the Koopa Troop. Afterwards, they went back to living in Koopa Village peacefully.


Buzzy is often short-tempered against Goomba, which leads them into big arguments, though, when it comes to interacting with Koopa, he is calm and has a better relationship against Koopa.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Just like other Buzzy Beetles, Buzzy is immune to fireballs. He can dash with his shell like Koopa can and is able to break blocks doing this.



Buzzy argues a lot with Goomba in The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba, which is seen in a lot of episodes, and it was first seen in the pilot, where Goomba was the reason Buzzy was unable to sleep, since they both share the same room. Buzzy and Goomba arguing has become a running phenomenon throughout the series.

Fun FactsEdit

-Buzzy is the first Buzzy Beetle to live in Koopa Village.

-Buzzy is sometimes short-tempered against Goomba.

-He has a Sky-Blue Spiny cousin named Mark, who lives in Koopa Village, too. He appeared in Boredom Barrage, where he told Koopa and Buzzy that they had to pay for the flowers that Goomba obliterated.