Cuts to the map, Turbine (ctf_turbine), where the BLU and RED teams are engaging in a huge gunfire-involved war

Cuts to BLU Scout, who is taking cover in front of the intelligence room

Scout: Yo, morons, they've got a friggin' Sentry up ahead!

Spy: Leave it to me.

Cuts to RED Engineer sitting on his Dispenser

Engineer: Now this day just keeps gettin' better and better.

The Spy looks through the room and discovers the Engineer and his level 3 Sentry ready for action

Spy: (proceeds into the intelligence room)

Cuts to the Engineer

Engineer: (yawns) Boy, I'm tired. A good nap shouldn't fail to get my yeehaw instincts back into action. (he gets off his Dispenser and walks back to the RED team's resupply room)

Spy: (uncloaks in front of the Turret and Dispenser)

RED Medic runs by

Medic: Hilfe! Somebody, Hilfe! I am in deep stress!

Spy: Uhh... (clears his throat; Engineer impression) Here y'ar, pardner. (introduces the Dispenser to the Medic)

Medic: Ah! Zank you, Mr. Hard Hat! (goes over to the Dispenser) Ah... das fühlt sich gut!

Spy: (looks around) Oh, well, he won't notice. (goes over to the Turret and places the Sapper on it)

The Spy loses his Engie disguise takes out his balisong and attempts to backstab the Medic as the Sapper continues to drain the Sentry's health

Heavy: (offscreen) RAAAAAAAAAGH!

Spy: What the-

Medic: Vhat?

Heavy: Do not worry, Spy! Heavy is here to rescue!

Medic: (looks behind and notices the Spy)

Spy: (nervous chuckle) Hi, ami.

Medic: Zought you could outshmart me, schweinhund?

He takes out his Bonesaw and hits the Spy in his face. The scene gets cut there and over to the outside of the building as the Spy is heard screaming real loud, with birds flying away

Cuts back to the BLU team's resupply room. The Spy respawns there

Spy: (facepalm) Merde... stupide Heavy!

Administrator: Success, we have secured the enemy intelligence. Something that a certain BLU should forgive someone else for doing that, that is!

Spy: Bon, tant pis.