Endgame is a blue-shelled Paratroopa/Koopatrol guard that works for Bowser. He is known for making up names


to keep him from getting his cover blown, although that backfires every time.


He is very antagonistic, refusing to re-join the good side. Most of the time, when Bowser does not send him to attack, he is usually found slacking off and resting at a tree near the trio's treehouse.


As he is a Paratroopa, he can do what normal Paratroopas do. However, he is also skilled in using magic and using the spike on his helmet to cause damage.


He lived in the somewhat unusual highlands of the Mushroom Kingdom, near the border of Bowser's territory. Back then, he was still good and was best friends with Paratroopa before he met Yoshi and Boo. However, at some point, he ate a seed that made him evil, causing him to side with Bowser's forces. From that point onward, he became one of the trio's many adversaries.


Endganme is first introduced in Chapter 2, where he guards a tower presumably owned by Bowser. When they ask who is guarding, he replies "your imaginary choir leader". A similar scenario happens in Chapter 2 when he is guarding the pathway (that Bowser may also own) from them. When asked the same question again, he replies "The Green Thunder". It is implied throughout the story that he and Paratroopa knew each other in the past.


Endgame hosts his own talk show called "Talk Time With Endgame". He is set to appear in a upcoming chapter, with some odd role.


Endgame makes his debut in The Wrath of Endgame in The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba. He appeared in a fog that appeared outside of Paratroopa's tree house. When Koopa asks who he was, he responds as their "imaginary algebra teacher", a reference to Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa's "imaginary choir leader". He antagonized Koopa and Paratroopa by placing them in a colosseum where they fought the Underchomp. Paratroopa knew Endgame in the past, and they were friends, until Endgame ate a seed that made him evil.

Fun FactsEdit

-Endgame has an English accent.

-He is horrible at keeping intruders away from Bowser's (presumably conquered) territories.

-In the past, he lived near a choir leader's house.

-Endgame has his own Talk Show, which came out really badly.

-He likes to eat cheese.