-Bowser sits on his sofa watching a movie-

Bowser: I love this movie! Wait, I've run out of snacks! Endgame! Tyrannel!

-Endgame and Tyrannel walk in-

Endgame: Yes, Lord Bowser? Do you require assistance?

Tyrannel: We'd be happy to help!

Bowser: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Order some more food from that weirdo Fawful.

Endgame: Erm, not to be disrespectful, but you would add some extra pounds if you ate-

Bowser: Just do it! That's an order!

-Tyrannel and Endgame start calling Fawful's restaurant-

Fawful: Yes, this is Fawful's restaurant. How can I help you?

Tyrannel: (I got one Endgame!) We would like to clobber Kirby today!

Endgame: (Good one Tyrannel.) -snickers- No, seriously, we'd just like to order something.

Fawful: That's what we do best at "NightMare Enterprises"! But that will be one thousand coins. Pick it up in 15 minutes.

-The phone line drops-

Bowser: Okay, so get to it, I guess.

Endgame: As you wish... (Seriously, this is ridiculous! Why are we doing this?)

Tryannel: C'mon, let's go! (I dunno, I think King Bowser is being what people call a "couch potato"...)

-Endgame and Tyrannel run off to Fawful's restaurant-


Fawful: How may I help you?

Endgame: -puts money on counter- We're picking up an order for Lord Bowser.

Fawful: -hands a huge package to Endgame and Tyrannel- Here you go!

Endgame: Okay, thanks...

-Endgame and Tyrannel carry the package back into Bowser's room-

Tyrannel: Hey, King Bowser, we got your package!

Bowser: Great, set it next to me.

Endgame: Lord Bowser, are you sure you wish to continue on with this?

Bowser: Do not contradict me! Now LEAVE!!!

Endgame: Of course... (Sheesh. He needs to calm down.)

-Tyrannel drags Endgame outside-

Bowser: Ahh, time to enjoy some food!

-Bowser eats his food from the restaurant-

A week later...

Tyrannel: Man, Bowser's been in there for a whole WEEK already!

Endgame: I'll just open his door up a peep- What the heck?!

Tyrannel: What? Did something happen?

Endgame: Lord Bowser is really...really...

Tyrannel: Yes, you can say it. What is it?

Endgame: -walks to the castle porch with Tyrannel- Fat!

-Tyrannel bursts into laughter-

Tyrannel: Really?! Well, how bad could it be? -Looks through door- Oh.

Endgame: We have to get him back into shape!

Tyrannel: -flails arms around- But how?

Endgame: I'm afraid to say, but we could ask Yoshi and his friends...

Tyrannel: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Let's go!

-Endgame and Tyrannel use a pipe to go to Yoshi's treehouse-


Yoshi: Para, did you get my stuff?

Paratroopa: Uhh...

Boo: Never mind that, let's go outside and look at the clouds.

Yoshi: Sounds fine to me!

-The trio sits on the grass looking at clouds-

Endgame: There they are!

-Endgame and Tyrannel run to the three-

Paratroopa: Endgame? What are you doing here?

Endgame: Erm, well, you see...

Tyrannel: Some random guy got really fat and we need to get him back into shape.

Yoshi: You mean as in "ph"?

Paratroopa: -sighs- Nice try. Is the guy Bowser?

Endgame: Obviously not!

Tyrannel: He means super-ultra-chubby and round. And yeah, it's Bowser.

Yoshi and Paratroopa: -in unison- Oh.

Boo: Why don't you call NME?

Tyrannel: Huh. That's a great idea, thanks!

-Endgame gets on his cellphone and calls NightMare Enterprises-

Customer Service: This is NightMare Enterprises, how may we help you?

Endgame: It's Endgame. Do you have some monster thing that can get people into shape?

Customer Service: Oh yeah, I remember you...

Endgame: Yeah, nice talking to you again. Can you just send it over here?

Customer Service: Alright, it should be here in a second. Is there anything else we can help you with?

Endgame: No. Bye. -hangs up-

Tyrannel: Look! It's a bright light!

-The light clears to reveal Max Flexer-

Max Flexer: Let's get some exercise!

Tyrannel: Thanks guys. Let's head back to Bowser's Castle.

Yoshi: Can we come too? I wanna see how this turns out. -snickers-

Boo: Yeah, since we had to deal with the same thing a week ago... -glares at Yoshi and Paratroopa-

-Everyone goes off to Bowser's castle-


Bowser: What did you bring THIS guy over for? -pointing at Max Flexer-

Max Flexer: You're gonna dance into shape!

Bowser: ...Say what?! I don't dance like you weirdos, okay?

Max Flexer: You do now!

-Giant claw pulls Bowser into the air-

Bowser: Hey, put me down!

Boo: Just do it; you need to get back into shape!

Yoshi: Ooh. That seems kinda scary.

Paratroopa: I feel bad for Bowser, having to deal with this like we did.

Endgame: He deserves it. I mean, look at him! He spent a week eating this food.

Max Flexer: Get ready for this, Big Angry Bowser Guy. We're gonna-

Bowser: -frowns- No singing.

Max Flexer: Fine.

Bowser: Wait. Why am I saying this?! Get out of here!

-Bowser breaks the giant claw-

Max Flexer: Shoot. (Gulp...)

Bowser: Endgame, give me your phone.

Endgame: Sir, what are you-

Bowser: Give it!

-Bowser swipes the phone away from Endgame-

Bowser: Hey! Stupid monster company! Get on the line!

Customer Service: Yes, this is NME. How may we help-

Bowser: Shut up and take your monster back!!!

Customer Service: Alright, fine.

-The phone sucks up Max Flexer-

Max Flexer: I will be back for revenge! -poofs away-

Yoshi: Boring!

Boo: At least he didn't do much to Bowser...

Paratroopa: Yeah, I guess.

Bowser: Now that that's been taken care of...

-Bowser looks at Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa-

Bowser: You three?! What are you doing here?!

Tyrannel: (Yeah, you better get out of here. See you around Yoshi!)

Yoshi: Para, fly us away!

-Paratroopa flies off with Yoshi and Boo-

Bowser: Argh! I can never catch those guys!

-Bowser goes on a rampage-

Tyrannel: Run?

Endgame: Run.

-Tyrannel and Endgame run out of Bowser's room-

The End