-Endgame sits on the porch of his house-

Endgame: Ugh...When is my package getting here?

-Parakarry drops the package onto Endgame's porch-

Parakarry: Mail call!

Endgame: Finally! Thank you!

Parakarry: You're welcome!

-Endgame picks up the package and walks into his house-

Bowser: -Walks out of kitchen- Endgame, where do you keep your milk?

Endgame: Uhh...Lord Bowser, what are you doing here?

Bowser: Trying to borrow some milk?

Endgame: -Hands milk carton to Bowser-

Bowser: Okay, thanks. -Walks out the door-

Endgame: Okay, time to open my package- Gaahhh!

-Endgame falls through a pipe-

???: Hello, dear guest!

Endgame: Ugh, my head...

???: I said, "Hello, dear guest"!

Endgame: What? Who are you?!

???: I am the announcer of this talk show, Talking With NightMare Enterprises! Namely, I am the NME saleman, Customer Service. Are you ready for an interview?

Endgame: Wait, what? No, I'm in here because I fell through a pipe in my package.

Customer Service: Allow me to enlighten you. You are in Dreamland, ruled by King Dedede. That pipe in your package was something I do to people to get them over here because my talk show sucks.

Endgame: Then why do you even HAVE a talk show?

Customer Service: Because we want to rule the universe?

Endgame: Say what?!

-The lights of the set turn on-

Customer Service: And we're on live with our guest!

Endgame: Now wait a minute! I did not agree to do this!

Customer Service: Now tell me, what is your name?

Endgame: I'm Endgame. Now tell me what this is for before I-

Customer Service: Okay, everyone in the live audience, please put your hands together for Endgame!

-A loud applause is heard from the audience-

Endgame: That's nice, thank you, but you still haven't explained to me what this entails.

Customer Service: Lighten up, old-timer!

Endgame: ...I am way younger than you are.


-The trio watches NME's talk show-

Boo: I didn't know we get Channel DDD.

Yoshi: I'm bored, let's change the channel.

Paratroopa: Wait, hold up Yoshi. Is that Endgame?

Yoshi: Yeah, I think it is. What's he doing there?

Boo: He is on a talk show called...Talking With NightMare Enterprises.

Yoshi: Then what are we waiting for? Let's watch it in the live audience!

Paratroopa: I feel kinda bad for him, but alright...

-The trio locks the treehouse doors and goes to the talk show-

At the talk show...

Customer Service: And that marks the halfway point of our show!

Endgame: You mean that was only halfway? It's been three hours and you're telling me that this is actually just the HALFWAY point?!

Customer Service: Yes. We will return to you in five minutes! Cut to commercial break!

-The cameras turn off-

Endgame: Finally!

Yoshi: Hey, Endgame!

Endgame: Hey- Yoshi?! And you two?! What are you guys doing here?!

Paratroopa: I dunno, actually.

Boo: We came to see this show you were on.

-The cameras turn back on-

Customer Service: And we're back!

Endgame: No!

Customer Service: So back to the questions! Endgame, how do you feel about this show?

Endgame: It sucks.

Customer Service: It does? Well, we're getting to the exciting part!

Endgame: And that is?

Customer Service: The battle! Bring in the watermelon!

Endgame: The watermelon?! Ahahaha! -laughs-

-The audience laughs very loudly-

Customer Service: Not a normal watermelon, a Demon Beast!

-The watermelon turns into a Koopatrol guard-

Yoshi: Tyrannel?

Tyrannel: I'm not a 'demon beast', old-timer! And hey Yoshi!

Customer Service: Oh...Hey...What's up?

Tyrannel: I dunno, but I'm just gonna leave. -leaves-

Endgame: -dumbfounded- Uhh...

-Endgame takes a nap-

Customer Service: Well, this has been a disaster, but I'll fix it! Everyone, please put your hands together for Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa!

Yoshi: Say what?!

Boo: We were not scheduled for being ON the talk show, we came so we could WATCH it.

Paratroopa: Isn't this great Endgame? We get to have fun on a talk show!

Endgame: -wakes up- Huh? Oh, yeah, sure...

Customer Service: Well, looks like a few of us have questions for you four! First question goes to Endgame: How do you like the Koopa Troop?

Endgame: Erm...Well, I guess it's okay? (Can I leave now?...)

Customer Service: Next question to Yoshi: What brand of perfume do you use?

Yoshi: -blushes- I don't use perfume! Move on to the next question!

Boo: How long until this show ends?

Customer Service: One more hour. Anyways, next question goes to Paratroopa: Why are you annoying?

Paratroopa: -annoyed- Hey! I resent that remark! Who asked that?

Endgame: Beats me.

Customer Service: And now for the final part of the show. The part where I put up another Q&A session!

Endgame: Ugh! I can't take this anymore! It's been seven hours already!

-Endgame hurls chairs at Customer Service and the studio-

Yoshi: Para, do something!

Boo: Does this happen on this show often Para?

Paratroopa: No! Guys, duck!

-Yoshi and Boo duck-

Customer Service: Everyone please exit in a calm, orderly-

-Everyone runs out of the studio screaming in panic-

Paratroopa: -ducks- Whoa! Endgame, chill out! This is just a talk show!

Endgame: Yeah, a talk show run by an idiot! I could do something MUCH better than this!

Customer Service: That's it! I'm out of here! -runs out of building-

Boo: I think we should just leave now...

Yoshi: Good idea. Let's leave him be.

Paratroopa: Alright, I guess.

-The trio leaves-


-Endgame starts to regain conciousness-

Endgame: Ugh...My head hurts...What happened?

Waddle Dee: Uhh, well, you kinda destroyed the studio and sent NightMare Enterprises packing.

Endgame: Hmm. Since this studio is no longer occupied...

Waddle Dee: Well, you do what you want. The stuff that isn't broken should be in the storage closet. Peace!

-Waddle Dee walks out the door-

Endgame: Hmm... -smirks-

The End