Marx: A day with this ice cream truck makes me feel, I don't know, lame.

-Meta Knight comes in-

Meta Knight: For some reason I want some ice cream.

Marx: Here have this bowl of ice cream!

-Marx throws a ice cream bowl at Meta Knight's mask-

Meta Knight: -Mask falls- RRRGHHH!!! -Meta Knight disappears-

Marx: What did I do?

-Darx appears out of a bowl-

Marx: AH!

Darx: So you have a Ice Cream truck, eh?

Marx: Yes, and get out of here. -Marx trys to push Darx's head back into the bowl-

Darx: I as well will try to make a truck as well.

Marx: Arggh.

-Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom-

Yoshi: I'm bored.

Boo: You say that everyday...

Paratroopa: Hey look a poster that was taped to our tree!

Boo: I will read it, as I am the best reader here.

Boo: There is a new ice cream truck in Pop Star which makes more than thousands of flavors.

Yoshi: Let's go!

-Meanwhile in you know where-

Darx: There! Now I have my own ice cream truck that will get more people then yours!

Marx: Yeah, well you don't have any now.

-A big line of people appear-

Marx: What?1

Darx: Don't worry there's ice cream for everyone!

-In less then a second everyone got ice cream-

Darx: I think you could quit now, because I just replaced you!

Marx: Girrrrrr.

Gir: Yes?

Marx: I meant grrrr.

Marx: I guess I have a idea now!

Gir: Can I help?

Marx: You are just the person I need.

Marx: Okay here's the plan, you order lots of ice cream for him to run out ok?

Gir: Got it!

Gir: Can I have thosands of ice cream sir?

Dark: Ok here.

Marx: -jaw drops-

Marx: I guess I have to use force!

-Marx shoots a laser at the truck of his rival-

Dark: HA! You think lasers can hurt this? I made it super strong to not be destoryed.

Marx: That's it, I quit.