-Somewere that lies in space-like place-

Zero: Dark Matter, come!

Dark Matter: Yes master?

Zero: I need you to bring some stuff, get a screwdriver, and ask Dr.Doof to give you some items.

Dark Matter: Okay? I guess I will go.

-Meanwhile in the Marxxx's Icx Cream-

Bronto Burt: Can I have an Ice cream kind sir?

Marx: We have dozens of ice cream here.

Bronto Burt: I want a little monkey ice cream!

Marx: I don't think I have some..

Bronto Burt: You give me one NOW!!!!!

Marx: -sees his watch- Sorry have to go!

Bronto Burt: Curse you!!!

-Back to Zero's HQ-

Zero: Dark Swordsman!

Dark Swordsman: Yes Zero, I guess you must want me to do my job.

Zero: Yeah I do.

Dark Matter: Sir, I came back with all you wanted!

Zero: Perfect, better work on that death ray.

Dark Matter: Um, why?

Zero: You see because of all the blood I bleed, I thought I should have made a death ray.

Dark Matter: Aha!

Zero: This Death Ray will cause people to act nothing like they are supposed to.

Dark Matter: Ah, I get it, so if someone is happy, they will turn evil or goth.

Zero: Kinda, kinda.

Zero: Okay I will work on this death ray meanwhile.

-Later at Marx's thing he was going to-

Marx: That Zero is up to no good again, good thing I got this watch made by Dark Matter which tells me when Zero is doing something evil!

Yoshi: -randomly in space- Hi Marx!

-The rest come out of a black hole-

Boo: We took a little problem with the Black Hole toy I got.

Marx: Oh, um Yoshi and Paratroopa, you know you are in space right?

Yoshi: Yeah, so?

Paratroopa: -starts running out of air and choking- here.

Marx: I can make a black hole for you guys to go back home.

Yoshi: Hurry, before both of us die!!!

-Marx splits into two to make a black hole, the three get back home-

Marx: Almost to Zero's HQ...

-Meanwhile in you know where-

Zero: Done, Mwahahha!

Zero: Time to test it out on this apple.

-Zero turns on the ray and the apple doesn't that much-

Zero: Hmmm, Dark Matter taste this apple!

Dark Matter: Okay sir. -eats apple- AWWW!! That tastes so gross!

Zero: It does work!

-Marx comes in-

Marx: Stop right there Zero!

Zero: If it isn't Marx, how are your jobs doing.

Marx: Shut up, I came to stop you.

Zero: Dark Swordsman!

Marx: I gave him some fries!

Zero: Dang it!

Marx: I will have to destroy this ray first.

Zero: Not if I think so!

-Marx and Zero do a long battle-

Marx: Ha, guess I am faster then you.

Zero: -hurt- (Heh, even if he does destory it it will make a blast and effect him)

Marx: -shoots a laser- Ha, its destoryed! Wait what's.....

-The blast hits Marx and causes him to get a split into two, the second was named Dark and eviler version of Marx-

Dark: Haha, I will try to take over popstar! -Dark files out-

Marx: -jaw drop- What just happended?!

The End?