Paratroopa NSMB2

Paratroopa from New Super Mario Bros. 2

Koopa Paratroopa (or simply Paratroopa, also called Para for short) is one of the three main protagonists of The Adventures of Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa. He is Yoshi and Boo's good friend.


He is very outgoing and cheerful. Normally, he is dragged into Yoshi and Boo's schemes to evade boredom. He also uses many words that Yoshi does not understand, causing Yoshi to call him a dictionary.


Like all other Paratroopas, he can fly. Paratroopa has an expansive vocabulary, and he also keeps random power-ups in his shell. However, he has a tendency to use his logbook in a lot of situations.



Paratroopa used to live near the highlands of the Mushroom Kingdom, near Koopa Village. He lived with his uncle, who was skilled with interdimensional travel. After Endgame became evil, he decided to join the Koopa Troop. He got teamed up with Boo during several missions. When he and Boo betrayed the Koopa Troop, he helped Yoshi build a house. From that point on, he began living with Yoshi and Boo in the treehouse.


Paratroopa used to live in Koopa Village with Endgame, where they were best friends. When Endgame ate an evil seed, it obviously made him evil. After this, Endgame became evil and Paratroopa joined him to work for the Koopa Troop. He was an ally to Endgame from that point on. Paratroopa later betrayed the Koopa Troop and went back to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, he no longer lived in Koopa Village and he began living in a grassland field. Soon after, he met Koopa and befriended him after they stopped the Koopa Troop together. Koopa visits Paratroopa often from this point on.



Paratroopa, prior to the beginning of the story, stole Kamek's wand for Yoshi's entertainment. In Chapter 4, his shell gets cracked by the Underchomp.


He and Yoshi reunite with Boo during Chapter 5 when King Dedede is holding a singing competition.


Paratroopa is a recurring protagonist in The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba. In The Wrath of Endgame, he built a tree house for he and Koopa to go in whenever they hang out. Just like from the other two series, he uses vocabulary words.


Paratroopa's first debut was in Chapter 14, alongside Yoshi and Boo, where they teamed up with Wings to get the shards of the Dream Crystal and for him to help them find the shards of the staff.

Fun FactsEdit

-Paratroopa has surprisingly bad luck when it comes to battling.

-He stores all kinds of powerups in his shell. There is also a Flutter in there as well.

-Because of his uncle's artifacts, he is able to use special abilities that are very powerful.

-He is bad at reaching the control points in Team Fortress 2, especially when playing as the slow classes, such as the Heavy.

-Unlike Koopa, Paratroopa is right-handed and not left-handed.