Koopa in Mario Party 9.

Koopa Troopa (or simply Koopa) is one of the three main protagonists of The Adventures of Luigi, Koopa, and Petey Piranha and the main protagonist of The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba. He is friends with Buzzy and Goomba, and is the leader of the group.


Koopa was once part of Koopa Village, where he lived with Buzzy and Goomba, until they were turned against the Mushroom Kingdom by Bowser after finding them. Ever since then, they assisted Bowser in taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. After they betrayed the Koopa Troop from realizing their mistakes, they went back to living in the Mushroom Kingdom to living in Koopa Village.


Koopa is really cheerful and he is known for pulling pranks, as seen in Misfortunate Mario, where he and Princess Peach wrote a fake chain letter, which turned out to be real. He is the smartest one of the group.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As said from above, Koopa is the leader of his group, despite being the youngest. He is able to use his shell to dash like what other shelled enemies would do, and he is able to break blocks in doing so.



Koopa, taking the role as the main protagonist, appears in all of the episodes of The Adventures of Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba. He owns a house in Koopa Village where he, Buzzy, and Goomba live, although they also have a tree house where they store extra video games, since there's not enough room to store the video games in the house.


Koopa is one of the three main protagonists in TAOKLAP and is the first one to be friends with Petey Piranha. He is also best friends with Luigi and is currently on a quest to save the Master Emerald.

Fun FactsEdit

-Koopa is left-handed.

-Koopa is the youngest one of his group.