-Luigi waters his garden-

Luigi: Why does-a Mario get to go on adventures and leave me-a to water the plants!

-Several Chomps run through the garden-

Luigi: Hey-a! Gardens don't grow with getting trampled by CHOMPS!

Chomp: Hey, if you wanna complain, go ask King Chomp!

Luigi: I will! Thank you!

Chomp: You're welcome!

-Chomps head towards King Chomp's castle-

Luigi: King Chomp, I'm-a coming for you!

-Luigi runs towards King Chomp's castle with a bag-


King Chomp: Heh. I can't wait to see what my subjects have done!

-Luigi sneaks into King Chomp's castle-

Luigi: -from outside King Chomp's room- King Chomp, I am here to take revenge!

King Chomp: Who is it?

Luigi: Uhh... -imitating Mario- It's the pizza man!

King Chomp: Oh goody!

Luigi: (Wow, this guy is a nutjob! He'll be easy to prank!)

-Luigi gets a giant can of soup out of his bag-

Luigi: This will work!

-Luigi pours soup on the whole castle-

King Chomp: I feel something dripping down from the ceiling...and it smells like soup?

-Soup floods the hallways of the castle-

King Chomp: Aiyee! Hot hot hot hot hot!

Commander Chompicus: Is there something wrong, your Majesty- Gaahhh! Soup burns!

King Chomp: -looks across the room- Luigi!

Luigi: That's-a me, Luigi! -flies off-

-The castle begins to shake-

Commander Chompicus: The castle is collapsing, your Majesty!

King Chomp: I didn't know soup could make a castle collapse...

-King Chomp and Commander Chompicus get carried out of the castle by soup-

Commander Chompicus: In hindsight, it may have not been the best choice to build our castle in sight of the Mario Bros's house.

King Chomp: Hmm. Maybe you're right, my lowly commander.

Commander Chompicus: We'll get back to rebuilding it, your Majesty.

King Chomp: You get the other troops and do that...

-Commander Chompicus gathers all the other Chomps and starts building up the castle-

King Chomp: ...Luigi!!!


-Mario walks into the house-

Mario: I'm-a home, Luigi!

Luigi: Hey-a, bro! How was your day?

Mario: It was okay, but the princess got kidnapped again!

Luigi: Does that mean I can bring my bag of pranks?

Mario: Oh yeah! Let's go!

-Mario and Luigi run off to Bowser's castle-

The End