Marx: Better invite Magolor over to tell him about this Darx.

-Marx gets throws his sleeping hat in his bed and puts on his jester hat-

Marx: But I think I'm getting -yawn- ....sleepy.

-Marx falls into whats seems to be a cursed sleep-

-Later at Magolor's-

Magolor: This must be importent because Marx never said my full name before.

-Yoshi comes in-

Yoshi: Okay promise me you won't tell anybody about this.

Magolor: You say that like as if it would kill you if I said it.

-Yoshi lets Magolor hop on his back, the two head to Marx's house-

Magolor: Thanks Yoshi, here's your tip.

Yoshi: Oh thanks!

-Magolor kicks the door open-

Magolor: Hello?!

Magolor: Must be one of Marx's tricks to scare me.

-Magolor finds Marx lying on the floor with what looks like blood on the floor-

Magolor: -eyes roll- Yep this is one of his pranks.

Magolor: Come on Marx wake up!


Magolor: Your face...

-Meanwhile in Marx's Nightmare-

Marx: Wha?! Where am I?!

-A shadow appears, then more appear.-

Marx: W-Who's t-there?!

?????: We are your nightmares.

Marx: Oh it's just Nightmare, come out of there salesman!

Darx: Oh why you must be stupid to not know it was me!! And are you in....

Marx: Yes, yes I am.

Darx: -bursts with laughter- You wear that to go to sleep!!!? Priceless!! Wait.... let me get my camara!

-Takes picture-

Darx: Oh I am so going to wing this!

Marx: I do hope this is just a dream.

Darx: Oh what I do affects what happens in real life.

Marx: Oh boy.

-Back in the room-

Magolor: I tried everything! Even the acid water!

-Back in the nightmares-

Marx: Why is acid falling from the sky?!

Darx: Ah, must be your idiot friend trying to wake you from this unstoppable sleep.

Marx: -dodges- Ah! Not in my hat!

Darx: Get ready to be doomed Marx!