Mirriois is a Luma, He wears a hat with an "A' on it which stands for "Adventure".


Mirriois is very adventurous, determined,brave, and very kind and helpful, But he can get a little full of himself as well as he can become very stubborn.


Mirriois is very smart, He can float around like any normal Luma, but however he cannot transform into launchers like many others. He can also shoot starbits (which not every luma can do). Mirriois has a super form, which gives him outstanding power.


A long time ago, Mirriois was lost, and he was found by Rosalina, she asked him what his name was, though he had no idea who he was or where he came from. Later on he learned how to shoot starbits, which isn't an ability all lumas have. Years later, one of his Luma friends, was kidnapped by one of Bowser's minions, then Mirriois became determined to save him, and after he ended up saving his friend, it made Mirriois very determined and brave. After all the adventuring, Rosalina made him a hat that shows his love for adventure. Later on, Mirriois traveled and adventured many places.


- Mirriois is both left and right handed.-

Other pictures of MirrioisEdit

Super Mirriois

Super Mirriois


Early Picture Mirriois