Shyn: Okay everyone, here is the tribe! 

  • The group sees all the Shy Guys and Lumas*

Shyn: Everyone! I have found Shale!

  • Tribe cheers*

Shale: Uh...

Shyn: All of you can stay here, we have set camp. Shale, you come with me.

Mirriois, Wings, and Alumas: Huh...?

Rosalina: Okay guys, we can relax.

Bolt: *Sighs*

Polari: What is it?

Bolt: If Cystan is such a assassin like he is, he will find us if we stay more than the night. I'd say we leave tomorrow morning.

Alumas: *sighs* Fine.

Mirriois: Bolt, you never said how you became a Luma in the first place?

  • Meanwhile at Shyn's tent*

Shyn: Hey. Why did you leave without even consulting us?

Shale: Well... I was kinda tired of this tradition, all we did was stay here looking for food everyday. 

Shyn:Well Let's talk....

  • Back at the camp*

Rosalina: So thats what happened?

Bolt: thats what I remember. I was obsessed with Power in Bowser's army, I later took form of a Bullet Bill.

And when I was thrown in the black hole, I went back to my Luma form.

Mirriois: Interesting.

Alumas:*Yawns* I'm tired! Let's sleep!

Rosalina: Yes my Lumas, and Wings. Sleep.

Wings: Good night guys.

  • The morning comes*


Mirriois Alumas and Wings: *Groans*

Rosalina: Okay everyone time to go into the ship!

  • everyone goes in*

Mirriois: Where is shale?

  • Walks by*

Shale: Guys I'm gonna stay here for awhile! I'll stay in touch if Cystan comes! okay?

Wings and Alumas:We'll see ya! *Waves*

Mirriois: *waves*

Bolt and Polari: Take off now!

Mirriois: *Sigh*.. Cya Shale..

Master bill.