Mirriois: We're Finally here! Hey, isn't this where I met you Shale?

Shale: Yeah, Whatever.

Mirriois: Memories.

Shale: whatever.

Wings: Whats wrong?

  • Rosalina Alumas, and Polari come out*

Rosalina: Okay, this is the Buoy Base Galaxy.

Alumas: Yay! Finally!

Polari: We should have time until Cystan finds us again.

Rosalina: Okay, let's find a pl-

  • Gets inturupted by a arrow hitting the ground*

Wings: I think We're being watched.

Mirriois: No, Really?

Wings: Everyone follow me! I'll sheild you!

???: Shale!?

Shale: What? Shyn?

Shyn: It's you? Where were you? *gets angry*

Shale: Hey I might not have asked the tribe, but I went anyway!

Wings: Whats going on?

Mirriois: So your Shyn? *Blushes* Your... BEAUTIFUL!  *Floats over to the Luma* 

Shyn: (Um, No...) what makes you think I don't care? *blushes*

Shale: Just, forget it, can we go to the tribe?

Mirriois: Hmm, what happened to your Dude, and man

Shyn: you broke tradition.

Shale: NO! He is Joking.

Mirriois: Sure I 

  • Wings Covers his mouth*

Shyn: you all come to the tribe I'll let you stay the Night.