On the last Mirriois's story, Master Bill was defeated and Super Mirriois threw him into a Black HoleEdit

  • In a Distant land*
  • looks into the dark space full of stars*

???: I lost everything...and I'm gonna restore my honor.

  • At The comet Observatory*
  • Mirriois, Wings, and Shale are training*

Mirriois: Take this! *throws starbits at Shale*

Shale: Oh No Dude, that won't work. *Blocks all out with the Spear*

Wings: Now you take this! *Blasts power beam*

Alumas: Why are you three training? There is no point in this.

Mirriois: *Dodges Powerbeam* You never know Alumas! for all you know, you can even be kidnapped again!

Alumas: Heck no!

Rosalina: You must always be ready.

???:Hey Hey Hey!

Rosalina: Yes Polari?

Polari: The Goombarage is attacking all the Lumas at the Good egg galaxy!

Mirriois: I'll Take care of it.

Wings and Shale: We're coming too!

Alumas: Here, I'll launch you both there.

  • Launches the Trio to the Good Egg Galaxy*

(You know the Drill

???:Now go Goombas, GO GO GO!

Goomba #1: General Goomballer? Go where exactly?

Goomballer: We have to go awaken Petey Piranna's baby thingy!

  • The trio crashes in*

Mirriois: Who the Heck are you?

Wings: Mirriois....

Shale: Dude Your going down! Haiamnalaom! *Shoots the whole Group of goombas!*

Mirriois: Better run Goomballer!

Goomballer: Throws Smoke bomb* *Disappears*

Wings: Darn it.

Shale: Oh well dude, Lets go back.

Wings: Rosalina? Can you teleport us back?

Rosalina transmittion: Yes.

  • The trio is teleported*

Rosalina: Good job guys!

Alumas: When can I see the cool stuff?

Polari: You'll never know...

  • Back in the distant land*

???: I'm coming for you, I'm gonna restore my honor, and I'll be victorious once again...