Mirriois: *Sighs* I hate running away.

Shale: He's out of your league dude..

Rosalina: He's too dangerous..

Alumas: Yeah, He scary...

Polari: *looks into the distance* Is that a luma?...

Rosalina: What? *Walks over to the window* 

Wings: *Follows* That IS a Luma...

Rosalina: Polari, Fly us over there.

Polari: Sure... *Flies over to the Luma*

Wings: Mii-Mirriois, go get him.

Mirriois: Me? Why me?

Shale: Because. You threw a bullet into a black hole.

Mirriois: Fine. *Flies out*

???: Urg..

Mirriois: He-he-hehe-he's alive! *throws the Luma into the ship*

Rosalina: Mirriois!

Mirriois: Sorry, I got excited in the moment. *Flies back in*

Alumas: Ew-Ew! Gross! He only has one eye!

Wings: Well that's disturbing.

Shale: I-I think I've seen worse.

???: What the....

Mirriois: Let me help you *Gets interrupted*

???: I can get up myself! *Faints*

Rosalina: Deja Vu Much? *Giggles*

Mirriois: Was I that stubborn?

Rosalina: Yes, yes you were.

Shale: I'll carry him to the Nursing room where the Lumas will do what they can.

Wings: Where are we going to go anyways?

Rosalina: Let's go to the Buoy base galaxy.

Polari: Okay.

  • Two hours later*

Mirriois: Are we ther yet.?

Wings and Polari: No.

Alumas: The new guy is okay!

Shale: Interesting, Man, get him out here.

  • Door opens*

???: Urg... that feels be...

Mirriois: What?

???: Mirriois!?

Wings and Shale: What?

Alumas: Something strange is going on here.

???: I'm gonna get you. Mirriois, I'm gonna restore my honor. *Fire rises above his hand*

Everyone: WHAT!?

Rosalina: Stop, we can get this handled another way.

???: *Breathes* Fine.

Rosalina: Lets talk, who are you?

???: I'm... The... I'm... Super Bolt!

Mirriois: That sounds awfully familiar.

Wings: Hmm, but you're a Luma.

Super Bolt: I wish I knew why... last thing I remember... is the.. Black hole..

Shale: Ooh, the Bullet's back.

Alumas: But he's not a bullet.

Super Bolt: Now I have bigger problems..

Rosalina: How so?

Super Bolt: Cystan took my place. He's gonna pay.

Rosalina: Super Bolt can use elemental powers, he can help...

Mirriois: So, Can we call you Bolt?

Bolt: Sure. Thanks for the robotic eye by the way..

Alumas: We're here!

What will happen next, read the next chapter to find out!Edit