Shale, is a Shy guy, He has magic powers And a design That is unique to him.


New Personality and traitsEdit

Shale is relaxed, he is also a bit rebellious as he does not like being known as a person in his tribe. He very much wants to be his own person, which is why he joined Mirriois. He is a bit short tempered if he is annoyed. When put in a fight he is tough and can hold through. He has a spear that can help Shale pull off spells as well as use it for Melee attacks. Shale is a little slow though.

Old PersonalityEdit

Shale acts differenty but his three main personalities are listed below from most used to least used

-One to "Lay Back"


-Selfish, Full of self (Very least likely used)

Fun factsEdit

-He doesn't like the fact he has to speak "Jibberish" when He uses powers


-Shale (Later in the series) Will Be nicknamed "Fail" For Unannounced reasons




Mystery shy guy

Shale's Mirriois Story design