This is the first chapter of my sage I hope you like it

P.S Im not use to writing stories in all dialouge.

This scene takes place in beatiful Petalburg.

-Koopa picks some flowers when suddenly the ground starts shaking-

-Petey Pirahna emerges-

Petey:Pretty flowers! Can I pick?

Koopa Sure!

Petey: You Thank.

Koopa: Huh? Do you mean 'Thank You'?

Petey: Thank You?... Thank You.

Koopa: Hey Luigi, Check out what I found.

-Luigi was at Mr Hoggie's Hot Dog Stand.-

Luigi: Let me buy some hot dogs first.

Luigi:So, I want a Sourthern Fried Egg Dog of Tastiness.

Mr Hoggie: We're all out...

Luigi: Do'h I Missed! Anyways can I have a Special Dirigible Brown Bag Kammy Lunch.

Mr Hoggie: Sure! One Million Coins.

Luigi: WAAAAAAHHH I'm not in New Super Mario Bros 2 yet!

Mr Hoggie: Im just kidding 50 coins.

Luigi: That's more like it.

-Luigi walks to Koopa gives him his Kammy Lunch.-

Koopa: Thanks Luigi anyways I found this plant thing Oh! I forgot whats your name.

Petey: Is that Dog of Hot?

Koopa:You mean a Hot Dog yes, you want one of mine?

Petey: Yes. Petey.

Luigi: His name must be Petey.

Koopa throws his Hot Dog to Petey and Petey catches it in his mouth.

??????: Well, well, well. What do we have have here?

To be Continued