Well Nothing to say here but voice your opinions in the comments if you think I should Include Music.And without further ado the Story. *Edit* Heres another question Should I do the Evil/nice thing

Luigi: Bowser J.R!

Bowser J.R Thats my name! Don't wear it out.

Koopa: What do you want!

Bowser J.R: What you didn't hear the news?

Koopa: What News?

Bowser Jr: The Daily Egg.

Luigi: What?

Bowser JR: The Newspaper is very fun, with the latest edition of Fun Stuff that is. So go check it out.

  • Bowser JR looks to a bush to the right.
  • AquaYoshi emerges and gives him a thumbs up.

Bowser JR: Well anyways The Master Emerald has shatterd and is all over Mushroom Kingdom.

????????: What's up guys?

Koopa: Hey Yoshi.

Yoshi: Hi, and why are you with Bowser J.R?

Luigi: He's telling us that the Master Emeralds has been shattered.

Yoshi: Wow, can I help?

Bowser JR: Anyways guys, can you help me find the Master Emerald with my friend?

???????: No don't! The Master Emeralds will allow one wish. If Bowser J.R finds it he will wish for an evil world with everyone is evil.

Bowser JR: Who are you?

Knuckles:Knuckles, Knuckles The Echidna

Bowser JR: Stop being noisy let them pick.

  • AquaYoshi steps out and says PAUSE!

AquaYoshi: So guys heres a new idea no one did on this Wiki before you can choose sides. If you want to be on the Evil Side Come here. If you want to be good continue reading.

Koopa: Sorry Bowser J.R but we're siding with Knuckles.

Bowser J.R: Then I will make you join me by Force Get ready to Fight!

Petey : Petey Hungry.

  • Petey Eats Bowser J.R

Everyone Laughs.

Koopa: Even though he is mean you should spit him out.

  • Petey Spits out Bowser JR

Bowser JR: WAAAAAHHHHHH! DADDDDYYY! You'll pay for this!

Knuckles: Thank you for helping me. We should go to Angel Island, but do you have a plane?

Yoshi: Why?

Knuckles: Well, Angel Island is in the sky.

Luigi: Well, there are 5 people. Yoshi has his plane, I can fly with him but what about you, Koopa, Petey and Knuckles?

Knuckles: Well, my friend has a plane, but only 3 people can fit in it. AND he's on an adventure with his best friend so he would come.

Koopa: How can Petey and I go.

Petey: Petey can fly.

  • Petey starts flying in circle

Knuckles: That settles it. Heres the plan when the Sun Sets and the Sky gets pink.

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