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Mirriois: Wings...

Wings: ...Zzz...

Mirriois: Wings, wake up!

Wings: ...Zzz...

Mirriois: This is useless.

Polari: Well, he HAS to wake up soon, it's Alumas' birthday, he wouldn't forget...right?

Mirriois: Of course not!

Polari: Good. Anyways, I made a list of things that you guys need to get for her surprise party this afternoon.

Mirriois: What time, exactly?

Polari: At midday.

Mirriois: Okay, cool.

Polari: Well, I'm off, Rosalina, the other Lumas and I are decorating the Observatory. *Hands Mirriois the list*

Mirriois: Thanks.

Polari: And make sure you have EVERYTHING on that list.

Mirriois: Yeah yeah, sure.

*Polari floats out of the room*

Mirriois: Okay, time to wake you up.

*Mirriois pulls an airhorn out of a nearby drawer and puts earplugs in his ears*

Mirriois: Sorry about this...

*Presses button*

Wings: AHH!

Mirriois: Good morning!

Wings: What the-!? Why in the Mushroom Kingdom did you do that!?

Mirriois: Well, I had to wake you up SOMEHOW, silly.

Wings: And you couldn't have done anything else other than practically DESTROY my eardrums? *Looks at clock* And it's only six thirty!

Mirriois: Whatever, I had to wake you up this early because we have some stuff to get for the party today.

Wings: Party? What party?

Mirriois: *Glares at Wings*

Wings: Ohhh...I guess I forgot, sorry. Heheh...wait, where's Alumas?

Mirriois: She's having a sleepover at Toadce's house, we need to get her as far away from the Observatory as we can.

Wings: Isn't the Mushroom Kingdom far enough? We're in SPACE.

Mirriois: Yeah, but there's the launch pad that she can use that's in Peach's Castle to get here really fast.

Wings: Hmm, okay. Well, where's the list that you got?

*Mirriois hands WIngs the list*

Wings: Wow, this is a lot. How are we even gonna buy these? The last time I checked, you, Toadce and I are broke.

Mirriois: Yeah, Rosalina has that part covered.

Wings: Alrighty then, should we leave now?

Mirriois: I guess so...

Wings: *Puts on necklace* Let's go.

~ Toadce's House ~

Alumas: Wake up, sleepy head!

Toadce: GAHH!

Alumas: Good morning!

Toadce: Ow, yeah, good morning.

Alumas: ...

Toadce: What?

Alumas: ....Isn't there something you should be saying to me right now?

Toadce: Umm....

Alumas: *Glares at Toadce*

Toadce: Oh yeah! I guess I forgot, sorry. Heheh.

Alumas: *Sigh*

Toadce: What?

Alumas: Nothing, nothing...

Toadce: Ehh, whatever.Well, we have an entire day ahead of us, what do you wanna do first?

Alumas: Um, I was actually going back to the Observatory -

Toadce: No! I mean, uhh...we should just y'know hang out a little. I haven't seen you since, I can't even remember. Haha..ha..

Alumas: Toadce?

Toadce: Yes?

Alumas: That was last night, before we each went to bed.

Toadce: Really? It seemed like forever. HAHA..Ha...Yeah...

Alumas: Toadce, you feelin' okay?

Toadce: Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?

Alumas: You're acting crazier than usual, should I be concerned?

Toadce: Absolutely not.

Alumas: Riiight.

End Of Preview.