Chirp: So, who are you?

Waddle Doo: Exactly.

  • -Suddenly, a Blue Kirby with a hat came upon the three-

Kirby: Who are you?

Wallace: The name's Wallace, master of all Pokemon fighting attacks.

Chilly: Oh really? Okay....

Wallace: So that's right, I Wallace, master of All Pokemon fighting styles, challange you guys to a battle with me.

Kirby: What, what?!

-Trainer Kirby sent out Jigglypuff-

Waddle Doo: Who's that?

Chilly: Let me scan it with me Pokedex.

Pokedex: Jigglypuff, the Balloon Pokemon. It has large and friendly eyes. It is most known for it's lovely songs that cause people to sleep.

Waddle Doo: Oh, well I didn't want a large answer from a robot.

Kirby: Jigglypuff, use Sing! You guys might wanna tap your ears.

Jigglypuff: *sings*

Marx: Oh great, these Bozos again.

Will they Make it? How the heck is Rainbirdon going to defeat Shadow Lugia? It your butt on fire? All this and more in the next chapter of TAOKWDAC!!!! With, JIMMY!!


  • This chapter in beta, was really different. Instead the characters had a race for a throphy of NOVA. While Marx and Zero-Two joined forces and became Marx-Two.