Kirby: I wonder who's next.....

Chilly: Me too.

Waddle Doo: No body here!

Kirby: But hey, look at the walls!

Chilly: What do they say?

Kirby: I think it reads something important...

Waddle Doo: Let ME read it, after all, I do have one big eye!

Kirby: Okay go ahead.

Waddle Doo: It reads here that, there will be a 7th hero... And that Magolor will be the princess of Equestria....

Kirby: 7th hero!?! I don't know, who the heck is he/she?

Waddle Doo: I guess we will just have to wait.

-Kirby hears noise two doors away-

Kirby: Guys, I think the others are in trouble!!

Chilly: Let's go!

-The three go to there-

Rainbirdon: Man, this guy is tough!

Rocky: We can't stop now!

Chilly: Guys, we came here to help!

Kirby: Yep!

Rocky: Great! I was getting tired!

-Dark Matter crashes in-

Dark Matter: Stop right there!!

-Suddenly, a lot of people crash in-

Dark Matter: We have you out numbered!!

King Dedede: Um, I only came because I thought there was a Two for One sale.....

Dark Matter: The cake was a lie!!

King Dedede: Dang.....

Dark Matter: Now, to blow the castle up!

Chilly: You can't do that!!!

Dark Matter: Oh yes I can. Zero told me to. Now get ready to meet your doom everyone!!!

-Marx chashes in-

Marx: Not if I can help it!

Dark Matter: -press button- Too late!!!

-The castle explodes and everyone is sent back to Dream Land-

Kirby: Wha!?!?! Let's go follow Dark Matter!!

Chilly: Only the strong ones can go.

Yoshi: I know I'm out. -leaves-

Quack: Me too.

Waddle Doo: Okay, so it's Me, Chilly, Kirby, Marx, Rainbirdon, and Rocky, who are going. Right?

Rainbirdon: Eeyup.

Marx: We better go to space, that's the place they are going to.

Chilly: They are in their Space Ship right now. How do we get there!?

Marx: Easy, we just get our own Space Ship.

Chilly: And how will we do that?!

Marx: You know, there is a Space Ship right in front of us....

Chilly: Oh, well let's go!

Waddle Doo: Okay, but I'm gonna take a shower first.

Kirby: Okay.