Kirby: Well, let's go!

Waddle Doo: I said I was taking a shower! Hint, Hint!

Chilly: Hmm, I think what Waddle Doo is trying to say is, that we should go back, and pack our stuff.

Waddle Doo: Well, that would be a good plan. But, what I meant is that you guys smell stinky.

Kirby: Oh, Okay then.......

-The gang goes to Kirby's house-

Kirby: So, we will need, glasses, and a Moustache. And some food too.

Chilly: Why a Moustache?

Waddle Doo: And why glasses?

Chilly: Oh no, he has that look on his face.

-Kirby puts the Moustache on Chilly, and puts the Glasses on Waddle Doo-

Waddle Doo: Why did you do this to us?

Chilly: I'm with Waddle Doo here.

Kirby: Well duh. There is Dark Matter gaurding that Space Ship.

Waddle Doo: What does that have to do, with putting glasses on me?

Kirby: They are going to think your salesman.

Chilly: How the heck will they fall for that?!

Waddle Doo: And why Salesman?

Kirby: They are stupid. And they hate Salesman for sure.

Chilly: Oh, I get the idea now.

Kirby: Well, looks like we have what we need. Let's go meet up with Marx and the rest!

-The three go back to Marx and the rest-

Rocky: Oh, you guys are back!!

Rainbirdon: What's with the.....

Chilly: We will explain later.

Waddle Doo: Can't we just tell them now, besides, we will be doing the plan right now.

Chilly: So, we are kinda dressed like Salesman, that will count as a distraction for the Dark Matter.

Marx: Oh, that makes total sense.

-The two go to the Space Ship and meet the Dark Matter-

Chilly: Um, would you like to, buy some of our, Cheese Nacho Cream Ice?

Waddle Doo: Made with 100% real cheese, nacho, cream, and ice!

Dark Matter: Um, I guess so...

Chilly: Great! Now your going to have to move over 100 feet!

Dark Matter: Okay then.

-Dark Matter moves 100 feet away-

Waddle Doo: The coast is clear!

Marx: Great! Let's go!

-The six go to the Space Ship-

Kirby: Let's get inside, shall we?

Chilly: What the heck? This looks so much like a train!

Waddle Doo: Maybe it's a Space Train!

Rocky: Boooo!!

Waddle Doo: It was really that bad of a joke?

Rocky: Yep.

Waddle Doo: Well, let's get inside, before this goes out of hand...

-And so they go inside the Space "Train"-

Kirby: Man, this thing is pretty hard to control....

Marx: Please, allow me.

-Marx drives the Space Ship-

Rainbirdon: With Marx's Space Ship skills, we will be catch up to Zero, In no time!!


Kirby: Looks, like we are almost there...

??????: NOT SO FAST!!!