Kirby: WHAA-?!?!? Find a remote!?!?

King Dedede: I need that remote or you will get kicked out of Dream Land!!!

Escargoon: So you go off and find that remote!

Chilly: Ok then, if it's what you want.

King Dedede: Wait! Chilly, you stay here and make me an Ice drink!

Kirby and Waddle Doo: Why does he get to not find the remote!?

Waddle Doo: Jinx, you have to give me a soda!

Kirby: Aw, shut up.

King Dedede: He can make all sort of ice treats and junk on this hot hot day. NOW GO FIND THAT DANG REMOTE!!!!!

Kirby: It's not fair, how come Chilly gets to make ice cream and junk and we stay in the hot sun.

Waddle Doo: I don't know. maybe we should now work are butts off.

Kirby; Or rather, feet.

Waddle Doo: Ok, if I was a remote were would I be?

Kirby: Well I would be next to a pretty cool guy.

Waddle Doo: No no no, I would be next to a TV room!

Kirby: Good idea!

-The trio buys a TV-

Marx: OK that will be $399.99 dollars.

Waddle Doo: -stares at Marx- You will reduce the price for us!

Marx: If anything I would increase the price of it for you two!

Kirby: -To Waddle Doo- Have you seen this guy works in almost every store?

Waddle Doo: I know it's kinda creepy.

Waddle Doo: Now watch me make him reduce the price!

Waddle Doo -hypnotizes Marx with his eye- You will reduce the price of the TV.

Marx: I will reduce the price of the TV.

Kirby: I didn't know you had hypnotizing powers?

Waddle Doo: There is alot you don't know about me.

Waddle Doo: Now I will hypnotize YOU!

Kirby: What?!

Waddle Doo: You will become my minion and help me rule over Dream Land!!

Kirby: I will be your minion and help you take over Dream Land.

Waddle Doo -Evil Laugh- BWHAHAH!!

-Waddle Doo snaps out of his day nightmare-

Waddle Doo: Wha?! I just had the most scariest day Nightmare ever!

Kirby: You did?!

Waddle Doo: Yeah, I turned evil and ruled over Dream Land.

Marx: So are you going to give me the money or not? If not, you're leaving!

Kirby: We will take this TV.

Marx: Here is your money-back. Oh wait, I won't give you any!

Kirby: Ok so we will just place it in our room and BAM the remote will pop out!

-The Two get to their house-

Kirby: We just paint it pink and put my face in it.....

Waddle Doo: KIRBY! We don't have time to paint it. (This plan is stupid!)

Kirby: Ok there.

Kirby: Where's the remote!?

Waddle Doo: It's not there of course.

Kirby: Fine, it might be....

-Dark Matter pops out-

Dark Matter: BOOO, I will send you a monster that has the remote!

Kirby: Really you will do that for us!?

Dark Matter: Yes I would, me little cute pink ball, now send in Boo!

-Meanwhile, in The Mushroom Kingdom-

Yoshi: Get your face off the TV Boo! And give us the remote for a chance!

Paratroopa: I never seen you like this before!

Boo: Must marry TV, must marry TV.

Yoshi: Yep, we never seen him like this before.

Boo: -Gets slaped by Yoshi- How? what? where? why?

-But Boo gets transported to Dream Land!-

Yoshi: What the!?

-Back at Pop Star-

Kirby: I've seen this guy before I inhaled him!

Boo: Kirby how has it been!

Waddle Doo: You know this guy?

Kirby: He used to go to school with me!

Boo: -hugs Kirby- Ah, those were the good old days right!?

Kirby: So can we heard you had a remote.

Boo: Oh so that's what I have in my hand. Here you go!

Kirby: Thanks!

Waddle Doo: Now we can go to Castle Dedede!

Boo: I will go back home, wait, why don't I hang out with you today!

Kirby: That's a nice I idea!

Waddle Doo: Four people now?

Kirby: How bad can it be?

-The "trio" goes to Castle Dedede-

Kirby: We got your remote now give us back Chilly!

King Dedede: Ok here you go it's been nice having him.

Chilly: You don't know the horror I went trough.

Boo: We better leave now.

Chilly; Who is this guy?

Kirby: Chilly meet Boo, my old school friend.

Boo: Nice to meet you!

Chily: It's nice to meet you too!

King Dedede: Wait, you can't leave yet.

The four: What?!

King Dedede: Not until you dance and sing!

Will King Dedede host a sing show? Is Boo going to stay? Is Patrick Star going to appear in Thor 2? All this and more in the next hour-long episode of TAOKWDAKC Boo: Wait -Fixes logo- TAOKWDCAB.