Marx: Zero stole the trophy, you guys got a point, we better catch him now!

Kirby: Yeah, and -sees Marx puts cookies in his hat- can I have some of those cookies?

Marx: No, this is incase we run into and hungry man-eating monster.

Kirby: Ow, man.

Chilly: Don't worry I can make you ice cream.

Waddle Doo: Okay, sorry to break the food talk but, how are we going to know WHERE Zero went?!

Marx: You got a point, let's follow the yellow brick road!

Chilly: Yellow brick roads never lead to anywere good, I bet Zero would hang out there.

-The four follow the yellow brick road-

Marx: We must stop Zero, who knows what he could wish for with the NOVA trophy?

Kirby: Why all of the sudden have you become good, Marx?

Marx: Um... -gets teddy bear- Talk to the bear!

Waddle Doo: Okay, hey bear. Why are you so small?

Chilly: Well I'm okay with Marx as long as we are going to stop someone evil.

Marx: I bet you guys will cry if I ever die.

-Some things fall from the sky rapidly-

Kirby: What's that?!

Red Bird: We are the Angry Birds, and we are back!

Daroach: I'm back!!

Chilly: Wait...where is the rest of the Squeak Squad?

Daroach: Oh, they are in a Pizza place.

-Where the squeak squad is-

Storo: So far I ate 50 pizzas!

Spinni: (This must be why he's so fat.)

Doc: (Right) I'm rebuilding Mecha Kracko, and sending him so some were that has clouds.

-Back to were the team is-

Waddle Doo: I do not wanna know...

Daroach: ATTACK!

-Angry birds explode, dash, and split at the team-

Kirby: You know these guys maybe small but, THEY FREAKING HURT!

Chilly: Why not try inhaling one?

Kirby: That sounds like a plan.

-Kirby inhales a Black Bird-

Kirby: I did it! Wait, wha-! -Kirby explodes-

Waddle Doo: What the HECK!

-Kirby comes back as Bomb Kirby-

Marx: That is Bomb Kirby!

-Bomb Kirby throws bombs-

Black Bird: The Bombs they seek revenge, run boys!

-The Angry Birds run away-

Daroach: Better call the Squeak Squad then.

Marx: Not so fast!!

Daroach: Marx, how's it been?

Marx: SHUT UP! You were the one that stole my painting!

Kirby: Get him Marx!

Marx: I will shoot a laser. -What he said-

-Daroach flies off-

Chilly: What's this? A line of blood?

Marx: That must be Zero, let's follow it!

Will the four get to Zero? Is The Roach going to get the Squeak Squad? Is Dark Nebula the prettiest princess? All this and more in the next chapter of TAOKWDAC!