Marx: So do you really know where Zero is?

Quack: Of course! Every duck knows where he lives!

Kirby: Oh boy.

Chirp: I know right?

Chilly: Hey, I can see a castle far away from here!

Waddle Doo: Really!? I can see it too!

Marx: We must almost be there.

-The people see Yoshi banging his head-

Kirby: Yoshi! What are you doing here?!

Yoshi: Who's Yoshi?

Marx: He must have banged his head and forgot everything.

Quack: I know how to fix this.

Yoshi: Can you guys find me a home?

Peep: He's homeless, maybe we must give him a home.

Quack: Well us ducks know alot about this!

Quack: Ducks are good and ducks are best, ducks are better then all the RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREST!!

Kirby: Can you sing like that everyday?!

Quack: I can sing like that ALL day!

Quack: There's nothing better then a duck, you can look but you won't have any luck!

The rest: Stop stop it stop!

Peep: Only because we need to find a new home for... what's your name?

Yoshi: I don't know.

Marx: You don't have a name?!

Quack: Everybody needs a name, only it can't be Quack....

Yoshi: I thought of a prefect name!

Waddle Doo: Spit it out!

Yoshi: Splendid Bird from Paradise!

Chirp: I don't know that name seems pretty long. Plus you are not a bird.

Splendid Bird from Paradise: Can we go now? I'm getting cold.

-The gang spent hours going to the castle, and finding a home-

Kirby: We are almost there!

Marx: Yeah I see it up ahead!

Chilly: But we still have to find a home for Yoshi!

Marx: Okay listen, we don't need to find a home for him, he can just remember himself, after a while, because their is a waterfall that heals near.

Chirp: Got it!

?????: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Serpentine jump in-

Mezmo: Hey look, a chicken!

Marx: I got an idea.

Chilly: What is it?

Marx: RUN!

Kirby: Try and catch us SUCKERS!

-The gang runs away-

Splendid Bird: -slap fights- Take this and that and..I better run as well!

-The gang reaches to the castle-

Marx: We made it!

-Marx puts Yoshi's head on the water-

Yoshi: What? Where am I?

Kirby: You are with us for now, long story.

-The gang opens the giant door-

Marx: I will split, you guys go together.

-Marx goes off to find Zero-

Kirby: Okay guys so let's go through this lava, holed, dark matter filled castle!

Chirp: Seems dangerous!

Chilly: Very indeed!

Quack: Hey, I see a door!

-Marx appears-

Waddle Doo: Marx?! Why are you here!?

Marx: I thought I could have a battle with you guys to see if your strong.

Kirby: Okay then.

Kirby: -swallows Chirp then spits her back and turns into Wing Kirby- Now I can fly like you!

Quack: Hey am I the only one the smells pizza rolls?

Marx: -plants seeds- Watch out Kirby!

-The seeds try to attack Kirby-

Chilly: I will get ready to shoot a ice ball!

Waddle Doo: I am going to charge a laser.

Marx: -shoots arrows- Dodge that Kirby!

Kirby: Wow, you got stronger.

Marx: I know!

Chilly: Super ice throw!

Marx: Hey! That hurt loads!

Waddle Doo: Laser shoot!

Quack: No really, I smell pizza rolls!

Marx: Hey that hurt!

Kirby: -slashes Marx- Take that and that!

Marx: -explodes-

Kirby: Wait that was a robot!?

Quack: -sees pizza rolls- See?! He had pizza rolls in his robot body!

Chilly: Zero must have known that Marx was finding him, so he built a robot to stop us!

-Meanwhile at Zero's top floor-

Marx: Aha! I found you Zero!

Zero: Not so fast Marx.

-A trap falls on Marx-

Marx: Hey!

Zero: Yeah I know, I'm evil!

Zero: Now to make this castle fly in outer space!

Marx: WHAT!?!

Zero: I put traps where your little friends are going to in this castle, so they are also doomed as well.

Marx: No, they are all strong!

Zero: Oh we'll see. Mwhahaha!!

What is the team doing now? Is Marx going to escape from the trap?! Why didn't I get some Pizza Rolls?! Is King Pig really that fat?! All that and more will be found out in the next chapter of TAOKWDAC!