Buzzy is cooking pancakes

Buzzy: (humming to himself)

Koopa walks into the kitchen

Koopa: (smells the scent of the pancakes) Hey, Buzzy. What're you cooking?

Buzzy: Pancakes. What else?

Koopa: They smell delicious.

Buzzy: Sure. They're made with, well, some of my "taste booster" spice.

Koopa: Whatever. I'm only into getting a taste of these flapjacks.

Buzzy: Well, you should be.

Koopa finishes eating the pancakes

Koopa: Boy, those were some great pancakes!

Buzzy: Indeed they were.

Koopa: Anyways, I'm gonna head out to, you know, hang out with Paratroopa. Do you mind?

Buzzy: Sure, you can hang out with Paratroopa.

Koopa: Are, are you serious?

Buzzy: What do you think I am? An amateur that lies?

Koopa: Alright, be sure to keep an eye on Goomba while I'm gone.

Buzzy: No worries. He's upstairs right now in our room playing video games.

Meanwhile for Goomba

Goomba: Ha! It's a good thing I can use my feet to use the controllers.

Back to Koopa and Buzzy

Koopa: Oh, okay. See you later, Buzzy! (walks out of the house)

Buzzy: See you, Koopa!

Koopa closes the door

Buzzy: Gee, I better go check on Goomba to see if he's doing well (walks upstairs).

Later for Koopa

Koopa: (humming) Gee, I wonder where Paratroopa is.

Koopa spots Paratroopa in the sky

Koopa: Hey! Paratroopa! Down here!

Paratroopa spots Koopa

Paratroopa: Koopa? (flies down) Koopa, you came!

Koopa: How's it going, dude?

Paratroopa: Going great, really. How's it for you?

Koopa: I've been hanging out with Buzzy and Goomba, so, yeah, it's going great.

Paratroopa: Mm. Seems pretty normal.

Koopa: Want to go do something right now?

Paratroopa: Um, go on an adventure?

Koopa: Just what I had in mind.

Koopa and Paratroopa go to several places

Koopa: Piranha Pit. Seems dangerous.

Paratroopa: I can fly over it.

Koopa: I can use this horizontal beanstalk vine.

Paratroopa: Your way.

Paratroopa flies over the Piranha Pit while Koopa uses the beanstalk vine

The two Koopas make it across

Koopa: Wow! That was amazing!

Paratroopa: You bet!

Koopa: Hey, I know this other place where it's snowy and it has a bunch of platforms and stuff like that, so, wanna go there?

Paratroopa: Yup.


Buzzy: (playing video games with Goomba) Ha-ha! I'm totally gonna beat you!

Goomba: Not if I can help it! (gets past Buzzy's car)

Buzzy: Aw, come on! You got past me!

Goomba: I totally did, didn't I?

Buzzy: Hey, how do you think Koopa's doing?

Goomba: Eh. I'm guessing he's doing fine. I mean, you told me that he went off to hang out with Paratroopa.

Buzzy: Good point.

Back to Koopa and Paratroopa'

Koopa: So, these platforms start to collapse when you stand on them. You can fly. I'll take the platforms.

Paratroopa: Are you sure?

Koopa: Sure.

Paratroopa flies over the large abyss while Koopa uses the large pillar platforms

Koopa and Paratroopa make it across

Koopa: Wow, another successful adventure.

Paratroopa: And once again, I flew over while you took the main path again.

Koopa: True, true. Okay, where do you want to go right now?

Paratroopa: I don't know. What about you?

Koopa: I don't know either.

Koopa and Paratroopa start thinking

Paratroopa: How about the desert?

Koopa: Nah, too dusty, and Pokey-infested.

Paratroopa: Podoboo Volcano?

Koopa: Too hot, and of course, our shoes might melt.

Paratroopa: What about the Mushroom Ocean?

Koopa: Nah and- Wait, Mushroom Ocean? That's perfect! Let's go there!

Paratroopa: Okay, sure. I wanted to go there, anyways.

Koopa and Paratroopa head towards the Mushroom Ocean

Meanwhile for Buzzy and Goomba

Buzzy and Goomba: (snoring while TV is being turned on)

Back to Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa: Here we are. The Mushroom Ocean.

Paratroopa: Seems pretty large. Want to go down there?

Koopa: Sure.

Koopa and Paratroopa swim down the Mushroom Ocean

Koopa: Seems pretty beautiful, right?

Paratroopa: Definitely.

Koopa: You know, it's more beautiful with the Cheep-Cheeps roaming around.

Paratroopa: You're right.

Koopa: Hey, let's check the hole (points to a hole). Let's see where it leads to.

Koopa and Paratroopa dive through the hole

Paratroopa: Seems pretty normal in here, yet beautiful.

A sound is heard

Koopa: Did you hear something?

Paratroopa: Sounded like, I don't know, but I still heard it.

The ground rumbles

Koopa: Okay, this is becoming scary.

Big Blooper appears out of the central hole

Big Blooper: You guys came, huh?

Koopa: Um, yeah. About that-

Big Blooper: There's nothing about this! You guys are my prisoners!

Koopa: Um, yeah and- Hey, what's that over there? (points somewhere)

Big Blooper: (turns around) Huh?

Koopa and Paratroopa run away

Big Blooper: Why, it's just a picture of me at the Blooper Ceremony with a bunch of Bloopers and- (spots Koopa and Paratroopa running away) Hey!

Big Blooper pursues Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa: Para! He's gaining on us!

Paratroopa: Swim faster! My wings don't have any purpose underwater!

Koopa and Paratroopa swim to the nearest pipe exit

Big Blooper hits his head

Big Blooper: Ow! I'll get you for this! Right now, I have to get some coffee. (swims back to his place)

Koopa and Paratroopa resurface

Koopa: (panting) Man! That was intense back there!

Paratroopa: I know, right? Want to go back to our place right now? I'm kinda tired right now.

Koopa: Yeah, me too.

Meanwhile for Buzzy and Goomba

Buzzy and Goomba: (snoring while TV is being turned on)

Goomba: (mumbling) Blooper Burger.

Back to Koopa and Paratroopa

Koopa: Yeah, those adventures were amazing, I'd say.

Paratroopa: You know, it's extremely fun hanging out with you.

Koopa: Yep. Hey, listen. It's been fun hanging out with you, but I gotta go back to my place, I mean, I gotta check on Buzzy and Goomba to see if they're doing something completely stupid and whatnot.

Paratroopa: Aw. Well, maybe we can hang out next time?

Koopa: Sure. See you, Para!

Paratroopa: See you, Koopa!


Koopa goes inside the house

Koopa: Buzzy? Goomba? Where are you guys?

Koopa walks upstairs and goes inside Buzzy and Goomba's room

Koopa: Guys?

Buzzy and Goomba are still sleeping

Koopa: Oh. Okay. I'm gonna go make lunch. (closes the door)

Buzzy: (wakes up) Mm. Huh? What the? Goomba!

Goomba: (wakes up) Mm. Piranha Pie. What the? Buzzy! You messed up our room?!

Buzzy: No, you did! Look, what's with those splotches of peanut butter on the walls? The room's messy right now!

Goomba: You did it, not me!

Buzzy: No, it was you!

Goomba: You!

Buzzy: You!

Buzzy and Goomba keep arguing while Koopa makes lunch

Koopa: What's that sound? I hope I finish making this meatloaf. Maybe Buzzy and Goomba would enjoy it.

The end