Endgame is at Bowser's castle

Bowser: Whaddya mean they escaped?!

Endgame: They... were too good?

Scene from the past

Endgame: (sips pink lemonade while lying on a hammock)

Scene ended

Bowser: Okay, let me put this in terms you'll understand. I command you to find and destroy Koopa and Paratroopa!

Lord Garmadon appears while holding the Mega Weapon

Lord Garmadon: That's just like when I say, "I command you to find and destroy the Ninja!", to the Bizarro Ninja.

Bowser: What the? Get out of here.


Koopa and Paratroopa: (sleeping)

Endgame climbs onto a branch of the tree

Endgame: There they are. Well, like Bowser said... (thought cloud appears above Endgame's head)

Bowser: (in thought cloud) I command you to find and destroy- Okay, this is very redundant. Just destroy them, Endgame! (thought cloud disappears)

Endgame: Okay, got to do it, got to do it.

A woodpecker flies on Endgame's head

Endgame: No. No, no, no, no! Get away, you stupid woodpecker!

The woodpecker pecks Endgame's head and he falls

Endgame: Whoa, whoa, wh- (screams and crashes)

Koopa wakes up

Koopa: Hmm? Hey, Para.

Paratroopa wakes up

Paratroopa: Yeah?

Koopa: Did you hear something?

Paratroopa: Yep. Probably the sound of you waking me up. Now go back to sleep, Koopa.

Paratroopa goes back to sleep

Koopa: Alright, fine. (goes back to sleep)


Endgame: Okay, that failed. Luckily, my Venomari boys would help. Right, guys?

Acidicus spits venom at Endgame

Endgame: Aah!

Acidicus, Lizaru, Spitta, and Lasha slither away

Through Endgame's perspective

Endgame: Oh, man! The trees are wanting to eat me! Help!

Koopa wakes up

Koopa: (groans) Why do I also here random stuff? (goes back to sleep)


Endgame: Okay, if I'm going to get these guys, especially for making me pull the Underchomp out of the ditch, I'm gonna have to do it the old-fashioned way! By climbing this stupid tree. (thought cloud appears above his head)

Bowser: (in thought cloud) You did that in the first place! Why didn't you enter their tree house?!

Endgame: Why don't you blame the woodpecker the almost killed me?

Lord Garmadon: (in thought cloud) What if I used the Mega Weapon to create an item that he could use to kill Koopa and Paratroopa? (gets bonked on the head by Bowser)

Bowser: He can handle this himself.

Thought cloud disappears

Endgame: Again with the stupid thought clouds.

Endgame climbs into the tree house

Endgame: (quietly) Finally! I did it! (accidentally steps on the power button of their game console)

The game console turns on

Koopa and Paratroopa wake up

Koopa and Paratroopa: Huh? Endgame!

Endgame: Yes, it's me.

Koopa: What were you doing in Paratroopa's tree house?

Endgame: Um, asking you guys to play your console with me?

Paratroopa: Nice try, man.

Koopa: Besides, we only have two controllers.

Endgame: Well, Bowser sent me here and he told me to destroy you guys.

Koopa: Whatever, dude. It's not like you're that evil or anything.

Endgame: I am evil!

Koopa: Well, it's not like you're, well, antagonistic.

Paratroopa: Hey, I used that word in the fifth episode!

Koopa: Yeah, I remember.

Endgame: So do I.

Koopa: Hey, Para. Could you hand me the controller?

Paratroopa hands Koopa and controller with a red button on it

Endgame: Um, wait. What does that do?

Koopa: (presses the button, activating an ejection on Endgame)

Endgame: (screams)

Koopa: Didn't I tell you it was useful?

Paratroopa: Eh, you were right.

Koopa and Paratroopa high five each other


Bowser: (growls) You are useless, Endgame!

Bowser wrecks everything in the living room of the castle

Lord Garmadon: Um, do you want to watch a movie?

Endgame: Sure. Do you have tickets?

Lord Garmadon: (chuckles) Why do you need tickets when you have the Mega Weapon?

Several seconds later

Endgame: (watching a movie with Lord Garmadon) This movie's amazing!

Lord Garmadon: (while eating popcorn and having his mouth full) Yep.

The end