-Koopa is eating cereal, and Buzzy comes in the kitchen.-

Koopa: Hey, Buzzy.

Buzzy Beetle: Hey, Koopa.

Koopa: Um, did you sleep well last night?

Buzzy Beetle: Well, not really. I blame Goomba for that.

-Goomba comes into the kitchen.-

Goomba: Good morning, guys!

Koopa and Buzzy Beetle: (in unison) Hey, Goomba.

Goomba: Do you think my head's okay?

Koopa: Dude! You sure have a hard time sleeping with Buzzy, right?

Buzzy Beetle: I blame you, man.

Goomba: It's not my fault. Sheesh!

Koopa: Okay, maybe we can do something right now.

Buzzy Beetle: Like what?

Koopa: I don't know. Go to Chomp Land or something?

Buzzy Beetle: Maybe.

Koopa: You in, Goomba?

Goomba: Sure!

Koopa: Then it's settled! We can go to Chomp Land!

Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba head over to the Mushroom Dock

Koopa: Okay, I've paid for boat rental already, now we can use this boat to, you know, go to Chomp Land. Sound good, guys?

Buzzy Beetle and Goomba: Yes!

-The trio get on the boat.-

Koopa: Looks like there are only two oars. I'll take one.

Buzzy Beetle: Oh, no. I'm not taking this oar! You do it, Goomba.

Goomba: No way, man! How about we play rock-paper-scissors? Loser gets the oar.

Buzzy Beetle: Fine by me.

Koopa: You guys better hurry up.

Buzzy Beetle: Okay, okay.

-Buzzy and Goomba play rock-paper-scissors, and Goomba wins.-

Buzzy Beetle: Darn it!

Goomba: Ha-ha! You lose!

Buzzy Beetle: Shut up, dude.

-Buzzy takes the second oar.-

Buzzy Beetle: (mumbling to himself) Dirty, rotten, no-good Goomba!

Koopa: I wonder how far Chomp Land is from here.

Buzzy Beetle: Maybe like fifteen minutes from now.

Goomba: Yeah, you guys go ahead and row while I try to get a Goomba tan.

Buzzy Beetle: Oh, screw you, Goomba! Wait, tan?

Goomba: Yeah, I just want to, you know, look astonishing, not that I'm narcissistic, but it's just my way.

Koopa: Can Goombas even get tans?

Goomba: Yup.

Buzzy Beetle: Whatever.

Koopa: Hey, guys. Do you hear something?

-A Cheep-Chomp appears.-

Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba: Aah! A Cheep-Chomp!

Koopa: Buzzy! Paddle faster!

Buzzy Beetle: I'm trying to!

-Koopa and Buzzy paddle out of the Cheep-Chomp's way.-

Koopa: (panting) Phew! That was close!

Buzzy Beetle: You bet. Hey, we're here!

Goomba: (snoring) (mumbling) Fish cakes, hamburgers, Podoboo pasta.

Koopa: (sighs) Of course. (pulls out an air horn) This is the only solution. You might want to cover your ears, Buzzy.

Buzzy Beetle: (covers his ears) All done.

-Koopa activates the air horn.-

Goomba: (wakes up) Aah! Okay, mother! I'll do what you say and- Koopa!

Koopa: Sorry, dude. But that's what you get for being out of shape. Look, we're here at Chomp Land!

Goomba: (looks at Chomp Land) Wow! It's so beautiful, and dangerous, of course. I mean, it has a bunch of Chain Chomps here, even ones that don't have chains.

Koopa: Hey, do you guys wanna go on the Chomp Coaster?

Buzzy Beetle: Okay, sure.

Goomba: Um, are you certain?

Koopa: Yup. Come on.

Goomba: Okay, I guess.

-The trio get on the Chomp Coaster.-

Koopa: Okay, guys. Brace yourselves when the ride starts.

Buzzy Beetle: We know what to do, and stop shivering, Goomba!

Goomba: I'm shivering because I'm cold!

-The ride starts.-

Koopa: Whoo-hoo!


Koopa: Wow! That was amazing!

Buzzy Beetle: True, true.

-Goomba vomits in a garbage bin.-

Koopa: Aw, gross! I can't even look at him!

Buzzy Beetle: Me neither!

-Goomba finishes vomiting.-

Goomba: Ugh. Don't you ever go there again!

Koopa: Okay, I get it. Maybe the ride was too much for you. How about we go to the Chomp Castle? Buzzy?

Buzzy Beetle: Totally.

Goomba: Okay, cool.

-Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba walk over to the Chomp Castle.-

Koopa: Let's see what's inside.

-The four of them go inside the castle.-

Koopa: Small Chain Chomps tied to blocks. Seems good.

Goomba: I hope so.

-The three of them walk to the upper part of the castle.-

Buzzy Beetle: The upper floor? Are you serious, Koopa?

Koopa: Come on, Buzzy. Where's your sense of humor?

-The exit behind them is magically sealed.-

Goomba: Yikes! What happened to the exit? Where is it?!

-A noise is heard.-

Koopa: What was that?

Buzzy Beetle: Look! Up there!

-King Chomp and Chomp Chauffeur fall from above.-

King Chomp: Intruders, huh?

Chomp Chauffeur: (fake English accent) That would be a Koopa Troopa, a Buzzy Beetle, and a Goomba, sire.

King Chomp: Yeah, I know. I'm the king of the Chain Chomps, including you!

Chomp Chauffeur: (normal voice) Hey, I'm just saying.

King Chomp: Whatever!

Koopa: What do you want from us?

King Chomp: To imprison you! Duh! What do you think?

Koopa: Hey, I'm just asking.

King Chomp: Anyways, I'm going to imprison you three!

Goomba: Oh my glob! I'm scared!

Buzzy Beetle: How are we going to get out of here?

Koopa: Hey, look! A trapdoor button!

King Chomp: Darnit, Chauffeur!

Chomp Chauffeur: Hey, you were the one who created that button, not me! I wish I wasn't you chauffeur in the first place!

King Chomp: I wish I didn't have you as a chauffeur!

-Koopa presses the trapdoor button.-

Both Chain Chomps: (scream as they fall)

Chomp Chauffeur: Hey! I'm alive! You broke my fall, king!

King Chomp: Why, you meddling!

-Both Chain Chomps have a fight with each other.-

Koopa: Well, that's settled. How are we going to get back to our house?

Buzzy Beetle: Beats me.

Goomba: Me too.

Koopa: Hey, there's something here! A "Destination Catapult"! I wonder what this does.

Destination Catapult computer: (feminine robotic voice) Welcome to the Destination Catapult. Just type in your intended destination, and then press the red button to be sent there. Boy, I got to fix my robotic voice someday.

Koopa: Okay, seems convenient.

-Koopa types in "Koopa, Buzzy, and Goomba's house" and presses the red button.-

Buzzy Beetle: What the?

-The three of them get catapulted.-

All: (screams)


Koopa: (wakes up) Ugh. Huh? Hey, we're back at our home!

Buzzy Beetle: (wakes up) Ugh. Man, that hurts. Hey, we are!

Goomba: (snoring) Cheep-Cheep Custard, Pokey Pie, Blooper Sandwich.

Koopa: You got to be kidding.

Buzzy Beetle: Seems like it.

-Koopa and Buzzy laugh.-

Koopa: Okay, maybe we can carry him into the house. Sound good?

Buzzy Beetle: I can agree to that.

-Koopa and Buzzy carry Goomba into the house.-

-Koopa closes the door.-

The end