King Cheep Cheep:brrrrrzzzzzzttttt

Knuckles: What the...

King Cheep Cheep: Brzzzt error 404. Send a group of highly trained monkeys to fix me!

Koopa:He's a robot?

Luigi: Looks like it, and come to mention it, it was pretty weird telling that he will make us into teacups.

Knuckles:Look Angel Island!

Koopa: It looks like Detroit...

Knuckles: Well stuff has been pretty bad ever since the Master emerald has shatterd.

Petey:*Garble Garble* Blffffp.

  • Petey spits out a green shard

Knuckles: Your plant thing has a Emerald shard!

Koopa: Wow Petey, nice job.

Knuckles: Anyways I was guarding the Master emerald as always untill...

-4 days ago-

  • Knuckles hears water drops

Knuckles: Whats that?!

  • Water plit plat plit plat*


  • Water plit plat plit plat plit plat*



Knuckles I was unconsious for two days and the Master Emerald was gone!

Luigi: Sounds pretty bad, but what was that heart cold monster.

Knuckles: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure it has the Emerald somewhere.

Koopa: Wait, when this happend last time didn't the island fall?

Knuckles: It happens after 4 days after the Ma... wait it was 4 days! We have 15 minutes to get out of here!

Koopa: Let's get on our planes and leave!

  • A white boot appeared on the ground walking

???? Well well boys, fancy meeting you here...

Emerald Shards!!??