AquaYoshi: Did you forget about me!

Random Guy: Who even are you...?

AquaYoshi: Just listen to the story!

Back to the non rantings of a crazy man...

Oh wait! Note that the last chapter was before Luigi Mansion Dark Moon so scene change he's near the mansions of the first game

E Gadd: Wait before we leave my bunker! Take this Luigi

Luigi Recieved Poltergust 5000! Also the Strobe Light!

E Gadd: Thanks to your tremendous work on the four mansions theres only good ghost located there. However I discoverd a fifth mansion. As I said earlier the crown on King Boo looked awfully familiar to the jewel you guys were mentioning. But funny... Luigi last time you beat him for good I have no idea how he could've escaped the boo escapement holder! Anyways just follow me to the next mansion

After a long walk the 5 discover an dark tall and eerie mansion

E Gadd: Here it is. Thundering Valley Mansion. The paranormal sensors are going nuts in this direction. However we should be safe since the ghosts of Ever Shade valley are peaceful again and the ghosts in the orginal mansion were created under Vincent Van Gore is still in the painting.

Luigi:I hope so I've had enough with ghosts...

Knuckles: You really cleared all these mansions?

Koopa: Suprisingly...

Luigi: Are you mocking the Luigi?

Koopa: Just a joke

E Gadd:Don't daddle lads we got some ghosts to bust I'll pixelize you guys first and I'll follow


Luigi:Oh not this again...

Koopa:What what!?


Then before they knew it they were at the door steps of the sixth mansion...

Luigi:Now this is eerie

Koopa:I agr-

Petey was pixelized ontop of Koopa and plumutted upon him. Then E.Gadd pixelized to the right of them

Luigi:Wait a second where's Knuckles?

Before they could even look around they heard a strange sound. Similar to a odd liquid dragging itself on the floor. When it came into sight it was seemed to be a large gelatinous slime chunk which had Knuckles!