AquaYoshi: Hey hope you guys didn't forget about me, anyways back to the story:

-4 hours after the last episode-

Luigi: Finally, sunset. We're suposed to meet Knuckles at start of sunset at "The Bay Of The Golden Cheep Cheep".

Koopa: I hope he hasnt't forgot it seem like a looooonnng time for only 4 hours.

Luigi: There he is...with a blue plane

Knuckles: Hop in! Luigi and Koopa, go get on your green...plant thing

Koopa: Petey?

Knuckles: Sure whatever you call him. Anyways lets get going!

-So the heroes took of to the skies one hour later-

Knuckles: Almost there guys.

Petey:Petey hungry.

Koopa: Almost there Petey just hang on. Hey Knuckles, what's that?

-Suddenly a golden Fish jumped out of the ocean and started to take down Knuckle's plane-

??????? I Am king Cheep Cheep of the Wanana Tribe if you tresspass I will? make your bones into teacups

Knuckles:Im sorry but we have to pass this ocean by midnight without Bowser finding out.

King Cheep Cheep: Then im going to make you leave by FORCE.

KIng Cheep Cheep challenged Koopa,Luigi,Petey and Knuckles to a fight.

Luigi used Ol Fashioned Jump on King Cheep Cheep -2 dmg!

Koopa used tattle on King Cheep Cheep: King Cheep has 25 hp maz dmg is 3. This king is known for having dangerous tea parties with peoples initial organs and bones.

Knuckles used ShiftRock! 4 dmg

Petey: used Graffiti King Cheep Cheep defense is lowered by 1

King Cheep Cheep used Swallow on Knuckles. Knuckles can't move next 2 turns.

Luigi used old Hammer 3 dmg.

Koopa used Shell Slide 2 dmg attacks again 2 dmg to a total of 4 dmg

Petey used Fly Petey is in the air

King Cheep Cheep used Splash It has no effect

King Cheep Cheep: I forgot im part Magikarp

Luigi used Ol Fashioned jump 3 dmg

Koopa used Shell Shock 2 dmg but wait it hits again to a total of 4 dmg

Knuckles used Dig

Petey Finished using fly =5 dmg

King Cheep Cheep is dead... not big suprize

Luigi gained 10 exp

Koopa Gained 10 exp

Petey gained 10 exp

Knuckles Gained 10 exp

Luigi:hmm he dropped a disc i wonder if we can use it

Koopa and co Gained.... Splash!

Knuckles: Lets throw that in the fire

Koopa: Good idea

Knuckles: So lets go back on the road


Character stars


Hp 10

Type: Speed

Speed characters can attack twice


Shell Shock 2 dmg


Exp to next level



Hp 15

Type Balenced

deals moderate dmg and had moderate Hp


Ol Fashoined Jump 2 dmg

Bro's hammer 2 dmg

Exp to next level





Has the most Hp and can help his teammates


Graffiti-takes away defense

Fly: deals 5 dmg takes 2 turns to compleate aerial attacks deal double dmg in ths state

exp to next level




Type: Power

Has 2 most hp and deals a ton of dmg

Shift Rock deals 4dmg

Dig- takes 2 turns to compleate and deals 6 dmg

exp to next level