Rouge:I know your looking for the emeralds but who knows what is defending the shards so we also need to find the Choas Emeralds and thats where I come into play so I'll take to the sky

Knuckles: See you later bat girl

Koopa:We have no time! Lets get going! Buts heres a question how are we going to find the shards.

Knuckles:Only if we had a Radar to locate them

Luigi:Hold on I have a pretty old friend that is a Proffessor and Im sure he will help us out!

Koopa:Thats right you helped out Proffeser E Gadd

Luigi:He's moved out of his old lab and into a new location called EverShade Valley

Knuckles: Well lets go there now let's get on our planes and flying plant thingy...

Petey: Rawwwwwwwwwwg

One Flying sequence later

Proffeser E Gadd: Why Luigi I havn't seen you old chap in a while

Luigi:Yeah nice to see you Proffesor but could you do us a favor

Proffesor E Gadd;Why of course Luigi

Koopa:We were wondering if you could make us a radar for a special gem called the Master Emerald

Luigi:Oh sorry Proffesor these are my friends Koopa,Petey and Knuckles

Proffesor E Gadd: Why that Petey looks mighty familiar anyways I'll make that radar in a jiffy I just need a sample have you found atleast one yet?

Knuckles:Ooh No this could be a problem but maybe you seen one it's green and its an a trinagular shape

E Gadd:Why I have it was one the crown of that big brute King boo

Luigi: Oh not him again

Koopa:King Boo?

E Gadd: King Boo is the king of all boos and rules with a might tail when Luigi fought him he morphed mario into bowser and went inside him but Its been a while and I have no understandings of what power he could comprehend now but now theres 4 people instead of one battaling him so you guys have a good chance

Luigi:Maybe it won't be too bad

E Gadd:To pass him you need to beat his special boo, Boolauses then you can face King Boo

Knuckles;Well lets not watse time and lets go!

E Gadd: Hold on I'll help you out just for this occasion

E Gadd joined your party! E Gadd is a support type

You now have more then four battle partners (Rouge is not a battle partner) So now you have to sub out a partner if you want E Gadd