-Endgame flies out of the bushes-

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: Endgame!

Toadce: Who?

Goomba #1: Uhh...

Goomba #2: We're just gonna wait this out, okay?

-The Goombas walk over to a bush and hide-

Endgame: ...Do you have to trespass in every land Lord Bowser owns?

Toadce: Excuse me?

Endgame: What do you want?

Toadce: Where are we?

Endgame: You're in Lord Bowser's domain. Again. -glares at the trio-

-Goombas look at the bush-

Goomba #1: Hey! A P-Wing!

Goomba #2: Hmm. Throw it to Koopa. He needs his wings. Plus that hole in his shell has a Flutter in it. Flutters scare me!

Goomba #1: Well, I don't think this will serve any other purpose besides that, so let's.

-Goombas throw P-Wing to Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Thanks guys.

Flutter: Yay!

Goomba #1: You're welcome!

Goomba #2: No problem! (There it is!)

Yoshi: Endgame! What are you doing here?!

Boo: Let us pass!

Paratroopa: We need to leave!

-Endgame flies and blocks the path-

Endgame: Leave to do what? You guys have been wandering around places all day! You're obviously lost!

Yoshi: Endgame, you're going down!

Paratroopa: No! Yoshi, don't!

-Yoshi tackles Endgame to the ground-

Endgame: Argh! Get off of me, Yoshi!

Boo: Me too! -jumps on Endgame-

Yoshi: Ha! Can you handle TWO of us battling you?

Toadce: -pulls map out of bag- I got a map!

-Yoshi and Boo kick Endgame-

Endgame: Ow! This still hurts, you know! How can Boos even kick?!

Boo: -grows a foot- See?

Toadce, Goombas, and Paratroopa: Ew.

Endgame: That does it! Prepare to face my WRATH!!!

-Endgame hurls Yoshi and Boo into the ground-

Yoshi and Boo: Ow!

Paratroopa: Endgame, please stop!

Toadce: Who are you?

Endgame: Quiet! All this yelling at once is giving me a theoretical headache!

Yoshi: Serves you right for blocking us from our path!

Boo: I agree with Yoshi.

Paratroopa: Alright, looks like we get to do an interrogation!

Endgame: ... (Oh boy. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse.)

-Everyone uses the Return Pipe-

Yoshi: What is this place?

Boo: We're in Bowser's castle!

Paratroopa: Which castle? He has so many!

Endgame: Bowser's castle?!

-Endgame sounds the castle alarm-

Paratroopa: How could you?!

Goomba #1: That's it. We're out.

-Goombas pull out a Super Leaf-

Goomba #2: See you whenever Toadce!

-The Goombas fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom-

Toadce: Well, they hate Bowser, so I can see why they would leave...

Yoshi: Whatever! Use the Return Pipe again!

-Toadce uses the Return Pipe-

Yoshi: This is silly! Where are we now?!

Boo: I dunno. Toadce?

Toadce: What is it, Boo?

Yoshi: Where's Para?

Toadce: You mean he's not here?

-Yoshi and Boo scream-

To be continued...