Toadce: Calm down, guys! We'll find him!

Yoshi: But he has our stuff!

Boo: Yoshi, why did you make him carry our stuff?

-Toadce slaps Yoshi-

Toadce: You should never make someone else carry your stuff!

Boo: What do we do now?

Yoshi: We should go back to Bowser's castle!

Toadce: -sarcastic- Haha, yeah, that's funny. But seriously, we don't even know where we are.

Yoshi: Then let's go back!

-Boo and Toadce sigh-

Boo: But we don't know where we are!

Yoshi: This looks like a hill. And it's full of stars!

Toadce: We're on Star Hill!

-Star Gate looks at the three-

Star Gate: Halt! Who goes there?

Yoshi: I swear, if I hear someone say that again...

Boo: Yoshi, you shouldn't be disrespectful to the gate. Wait, what did I just say?

Toadce: You said not to be disrespectful to the gate. -laughs-

Boo: Well, the gate is a cosmic entity, but at the same time, it is a common gateway. That makes no sense!

Star Gate: I am both, young Boo.

Toadce: Can we pass?

Star Gate: Are you pure of heart? Or are you here for malicious intent?

-Yoshi and Boo look around-

Boo: Can we prove to you that we are just lost?

Star Gate: Oh my. You're lost? Hm. Well, usually lost people have no idea what they are doing in a place like this, so I'm gonna send you somewhere else.

Toadce: Say what?!

-Star Gate teleports the three to Plack Beach-

Yoshi: Oh great. Where are we now?

Boo: Uhh, I think we're in Plack Beach.

Toadce: Guys, let's just find our way out...

-Drillbits jump out of the water-

Yoshi: Oh great. Now we have to deal with random enemies?

Boo: Yep. Get ready for a battle.

Toadce: No, we could just hit them with my hammer.

-Toadce squishes all the Drillbits-

Yoshi: Okay, let's go back to Bowser's castle!

Toadce: Uhh, we shouldn't use the Return Pipe, it's kinda broken...

Yoshi: Okay, then what do you suggest we do, Sir Boos-A-Lot?

Boo: Ugh...Okay, so we need to get back to Bowser's castle or find Para if he's escaped somehow.

Toadce: And just HOW are we gonna do that?

Yoshi: We're gonna fly there!

Boo: (...!) No! I'm not going to fly you all the way there, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Aww...Well, it was worth the try.

-Bowser flies around in his clown car-

Toadce: That's Bowser! Guys, we have to hide!

-The three hide under a rock-

Yoshi: I think Bowser's gone!

Toadce: Look! Attack Pieces!

Yoshi: You're right! Let's look around for more!

Boo: Why are we hanging around here when we should be saving our friends?

Yoshi: Because we're looking for Attack Pieces.

Toadce: Boo, why don't you help us?

Boo: Guys! Bowser is still patrolling the area and you're not going to hide?!

Yoshi: What? Bowser is still here? I thought he left!

Toadce: This is not good! We gotta hide again!

Bowser: Nope! Guards, attack!

Yoshi, Boo, and Toadce: Ahhhh!

Bowser: Ha! Looks like I win!

Yoshi: Where's Para?

Bowser: Stuck in my castle. Like everyone else.

Boo: Let us go!

Bowser: Hmm, let me think about it for a moment... No!

Toadce: Good will always triumph over evil Bowser!

Bowser: Point taken, Little Miss Cliche.

Toadce: Hey!

-Bowser drags the three off to his castle-

To be continued...