-The three are thrown into a large and spacious cell-

Yoshi: Well, that's just great.

Boo: I see other people.

Yoshi: Yeah. I see some Goombas and some other things in here!

Toadce: Yeah! Maybe Paratroopa's in here!

Boo: Or not. I don't see him.

Yoshi: Hey! What are you? -pointing at Marx-

Toadce: Who are you talking to?

-Yoshi pushes Toadce into the corner-

Toadce: Ow! Watch where you're shoving!

Boo: So who are you?

Marx: I'm Marx, the soon-to-be ruler of Pop Star!

Yoshi: Are you evil?

Marx: Yes, obviously.

-Yoshi and Boo gasp-

Marx: ...Ugh. Someone get me out of here...

-The room is surrounded with an electrical field-

Marx: Great. NOW I'm stuck with you bozos.

Boo: Hey! We're not bozos!

Yoshi: If anything, YOU'RE the bozo!

Toadce: Okay, let's just calm down...

Marx: Why don't you calm down?

Toadce: But you're the one who should stop arguing...

Marx: Why don't YOU stop arguing?

Toadce: Why, I oughta-

Boo: -holding Toadce back- Toadce, calm down!

Toadce: Ugh. We have to get out of here!

Yoshi: Already taken care of!

Boo: Huh? No, Yoshi! Don't-

-Yoshi rams into the electrical field-

Yoshi: Ow...That hurt!

Marx: If you bozos are going to try again, could you keep it down?!

Boo: I apologize for asking, but what are you doing?

Marx: I'm watching this really lame talk show.

Yoshi: Do you mind HELPING us over here?

Marx: No, not really.

-Kamek walks by-

Boo: (I know! Let's sing a song!)

Yoshi: (What? Why?!)

Boo: Hey! Kamek, what's round and pink all over?

Kamek: -turns to Boo- What?

Boo: Kirby!

Kamek: ...Okay? Moving on.

Yoshi: Kamek, you're going down!

-Yoshi squishes a lemon and throws it at Kamek-

Kamek: Ahh! My eyes, they burn!

Yoshi: I am!

Kamek: Ugh. So boring.

-Kamek throws Paratroopa at Yoshi-

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Ow!

-Kamek walks to another room-

Boo: Para! You're alright!

Paratroopa: Barely! He caught me as soon as I got over here!

Yoshi: Well, at least you survived.

Paratroopa: -glare- Yeah, I guess so.

Boo: We need to get out of here. Do any of you guys back there have any ideas?

-Boo looks at Toadce, the Goombas, and Marx-

Toadce: No.

Goombas: Uhh...

Marx: Why would I help you bozos?

Yoshi: Because we want to get out of here?

Goomba #1: Oh. You thought we were being kept prisoner by Bowser, huh?

Goomba #2: Well, yes...and no.

Toadce: Which is it?!

Marx: Both!

Yoshi: I don't get it. What are you guys talking about?

Goomba #1: The people in here are going to compete in a sing-off.

Goomba #2: And the prize is a trophy.

Toadce: So it's Marx, you two, and who else here?

Skales: Usssss.

Pythor: Didn't you notice?

Skalidor: What, you didn't see us? HOW can you NOT see us?!

Fangtom: We were underground!

-A hole begins to emerge from the ground-

Yoshi: What? Who are you guys?!

Paratroopa: They're the Serpentine.

Boo: Oh no.

Pythor: What's the matter? Afraid of snakes?

Toadce: How did you get here?

Skales: We built tunnels over here with our troops. Every single Serpentine in Ninjago is in this castle.

Paratroopa: But how?! Ninjago is a seperate dimension from the Mushroom Kingdom!

Skalidor: You guys think too much. We'll be underground if you need us.

-The Serpentine slither into the hole-

Yoshi: Uhh?

Boo: I don't know either...

Paratroopa: Well, at least we're still alive.

Goomba #1: Yeah, I'll say!

Goomba #2: Those guys were scary...

Marx: Heh! I got some money!

Paratroopa: -sigh- Marx, are you going to stop scamming people, snakes, and other things anytime soon?

Marx: Uhh...Oh look! Kamek's coming back!

-Kamek walks by the room-

Yoshi: Kamek, we challenge you to a sing-off!

Kamek: So you're entering the contest?

Yoshi: You betcha!

Kamek: So you guys are actually going to sing a song? Don't make me laugh!

Boo: Um, Yoshi?

Paratroopa: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Kamek: Alright! You three have been registered for the competition!

Yoshi: We're gonna beat you Kamek!

-Yoshi throws a guitar at Kamek-

Kamek: But this isn't against me. Oh no. It's an interdimensional sing-off we have every year. So you'll be meeting strange people. By the way, where do you get these things to throw at me?!

Paratroopa: Skales, Toadce, stop fighting!!

Skales: Is it your place to tell me what to do?

Paratroopa: If you're acting immature, then yes. It becomes my place to interject when you guys fight for ludicrous reasons. Kind of like what you guys are doing right now.

Toadce and Skales: Hey!!!

Yoshi: Anyway, you're going down!

Boo: Yeah!

-Yoshi and Boo pull out their water blasters-

Kamek: Oh crud.

-Kamek gets blasted into the other side of the castle-

Endgame: Kamek, if I may inquire, what are you doing in Bowser's pizza?

Kamek: Shut up, Endgame. Go back to your post.

Endgame: Of course.


Yoshi: Pythor, get out of there!

Pythor: I can smell the Fangblade in this room...

-Pythor steals Paratroopa's canteen-

Paratroopa: Hey! Give that back!

Skales: It's not in here...

Boo: Get out of my mouth! -breathes ice onto Skales-

Skales: Gah! It burns!

-Pythor knocks Boo into the wall-

Boo: Ow!

Yoshi: That's it! You snakes are going down!

Pythor: Ignore him; he's just being random.

Paratrooa: Put our stuff down, please! And stop hurting people!

Skalidor: Oh, shut up!

-Skalidor constricts Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Let go of me this instant!

Boo: Hey! What are you- Wait. Don't!!!

-Pythor pulls out a shovel-

Pythor: There it is! Wait. This isn't the Fangblade!

-The hole collapses on Fangtom-

Fangtom: Who did that?!

Yoshi, Boo, Paratroopa, Toadce, and Goombas: -point to Pythor-

Pythor: Shoot.

Fangtom: Fangpyre! Attack!

-The Serpentine break out into song while battling-

Yoshi: Guys, let's get out of here.

Boo: Agreed.

-The trio, Toadce, and the Goombas go to another room-

Starfy: Who are you guys?

Starly: I don't know. Moe, Bunston, have any ideas?

Moe: No. But these guys are creeping me out.

Yoshi: Likewise, yellow clam.

Boo: We're here because we want to get out of the Serpentine's reach.

Bunston: Well, you're more than welcome to stay in here!

-Starfy and Starly chase each other around-

Moe: Okay, so who are you guys?

Yoshi: I'm Yoshi, there's Boo, Paratroopa, that person Toadce, and the two random Goombas over there. But the question is, who are YOU guys?

Bunston: Well, I'm from the planet Bunnera, and these guys are from the floating kingdom of Pufftop.

Paratroopa: Cool! I didn't know interdimensional travel was possible!

-Starfy, Starly, Toadce, and Moe yell-

Toadce: What are you doing with that?!

Moe: Put that down!

Starly: Nope, no way!

Starfy: Hey! That's mine!

Bunston: Starfy, Starly, and Moe are my friends, but they drive me crazy sometimes.

Paratroopa: Well, this is better than being in that other room.

Boo: With the Serpentine?

-Starfy spins around and around-

Goomba #1: Whoo! This is cool!

Goomba #2: Again! Again!

Starfy: I'm getting dizzy...

Starly: The Star Spin can make people dizzy. Give him a few minutes.

Yoshi: So Boo?

Boo: Yeah?

Yoshi: Where do you think Kamek is?

Boo: Probably doing something evil.

Paratroopa: Bunston, where's Moe?

-Bunston looks up to the ceiling and sees Moe-

Bunston: Moe, what are you doing up there?!

Moe: Hosting a talk show?

Bunston: Heh...Moe, I really don't think that hanging from the ceiling is going to help you host a talk show.

Moe: I'm talking with the Gelato Sisters! They float, so I might as well be on the ceiling to greet them.

Yoshi: Hey Moe! Get down from there before I spray you with some water!

Boo: Erm, yes. Likewise.

Toadce: Goombas, let's get ready for the competition.

Goomba #1: Yeah!

Goomba #2: Sure, whatever.

Starfy: I'm going to eat this pie.

Starly: No! That's-

-Konk jumps out of the pie-

Konk: Ha! I am here to -KONK- beat you -KONK- up!

Moe: Whoa! What are you doing in the pie?

Konk: In the -KONK- pie? Oh. Wait...Eww! Is this -KONK- blueberry?

-Everyone begins to argue-

Paratroopa: What's going on in here?!

To be continued...