-Yoshi paces around while Kirby and friends take a nap-

Paratroopa: We have to come up with a new song. No big deal, right?

Boo: Actually...


Red Ninjakoopa: Haha! You can't beat us!

Yoshi: Oh yeah? Watch us!

Paratroopa: We didn't come up with a good song! Are you sure?!

Yoshi: Yeah. Hit it Boo!

Boo: -strums guitar- So, let us tell you all a story!

Yoshi: It's the story of how the Mushroom Kingdom became...uh...became...gory?

-The audience laughs-

Paratroopa: (Yoshi, I really don't think the Mushroom Kingdom was made with blood.)

Yoshi: (You should have finished the song!)

Boo: Back in the age of a hundred years ago,

Yoshi: Everything was ruled by Bowser the old!

Paratroopa: When the time was very bleak,

Yoshi: Princess Peach stood for the weak!

Boo: Soon the need for hope arose,

Paratroopa: And she struck back with the thorns of a rose!

Red Ninjakoopa: Peach doesn't grow roses!

Yoshi: "Koopa King Bowser, leave this land,"

Boo: "You must do as this decree commands!"

Paratroopa: With those words, he left with disgrace,

Boo: To devise some plans at a very quick pace.

Yoshi: It was then that he swore to take revenge,

Paratroopa: His kingdom, he promised to avenge!

Boo: Kidnap the princess and stop Mario,

Yoshi: That was what he did with his minions in tow.

Boo: With his plans, he made his base,

Paratroopa: To Peach's kingdom, he made haste!

Yoshi: Time and time again, Mario dashed his plans.

Boo: The battle raged on for quite a while,

Paratroopa: And all was engraved within the tiles!

Yoshi: The battle goes on, and there has been no end,

Paratroopa: Mario does as much as he can!

Boo: And that is the story of how the Mushroom Kingdom was made!

-The audience cheers loudly-

Red Ninjakoopa: Meh! We'll take our revenge one day!

Yoshi: Yeah, and we'll stop you!

-End Of Flashback-

Paratroopa: Well, that was back then when I actually partaked in your games.

Yoshi: But you still do.

Paratroopa: That's because you guys DRAG me into this stuff!

Yoshi: Well, why don't we just get back to our song?

Boo: So here's what I got so far.

Yoshi: "We eat ghost tacos?" Really, Boo?

Boo: What? Ghost tacos are good.

Paratroopa: Ghost tacos make me breathe fire whenever I sneeze.

Yoshi: Boo, I really don't think this will work.

-Waddle Doo shoots beams at Paratroopa-

Waddle Doo: Keep it down! We're trying to sleep!

Paratroopa: Hey look, it's Waddle Doo!

Yoshi: That guy AGAIN?

Paratroopa: Hey, don't look at me. I don't know how he got there.

Waddle Doo: -gasp- It's you guys again!

Yoshi: Yeah! We're gonna kick your butt!

Boo: What?! But we already reacquainted!

-Boo faints-

Paratroopa: You're trying to sleep?! We're trying to make up a song!

Waddle Doo: Well, why don't you say that to my face?!

Paratroopa: I already am!

Boo: Guys, can we just calm down?

Chilly: Chill out, guys!

Kirby: What?

Yoshi: Stay out of this Chilly!

Kirby: Uhh, can you guys move to another room?

Yoshi: Fine! Para, get our stuff, we're leaving!


-Stuff crashes on Paratroopa-

Skales: Keep it down over there!

Paratroopa: What?! Why don't you keep it down!

Yoshi: Seriously? Waddle Doo started it!

Boo: Let's find an empty room.

-The trio walks into an empty room filled with sand-

Yoshi: I guess this will do...

Paratroopa: Hey look! It's Starfy!

Boo: Who?

Paratroopa: You know! Starfy. The prince of Pufftop?

Yoshi: Nah, not really.

Boo: But Pufftop does not reside in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Yoshi: Does that mean they came from another dimension?

Paratroopa: Yes, but-

Yoshi: Awesome!!!

Paratroopa: Yoshi, we already met them!

Boo: Okay, let's just get back to thinking!

Yoshi: How are we going to come up with a song?

Boo: We could look through the history books and sing a song about the past.

Yoshi: Too boring!

Paratroopa: Well, we have to come up with something quickly.

Boo: We could sing about-

Yoshi: Not books.

Boo: So how about we use one of our old songs?

Yoshi: Those songs were really boring!

Paratroopa: Quiet! I need to think!

-Paratroopa reads a book-

Yoshi: (What now?)

Boo: (I dunno.)


Starfy: I guess we're up?

Starly: Yeah! Let's win this!

-The room darkens-

Starfy: I'm the legendary hero Starfy, and the prince of Pufftop.

Starly: And I'm this silly star's sister, even though we're poofed.

Moe: We've been through so much with our adventures without stops...

Bunston: And part of that was me crashing through Pufftop's roofs.

Starfy: Every adventure we've had,

Moe: We fell into the oceans and seas.

Bunston: And while it's been hard...

Starfy: We like to eat cheese!

Kamek: End of song! Leave!

Bunston: What? But we just started!

-Starfy and friends fall into a portal-

Starfy: Well, I knew that was going to happen at some point.

Moe: Yeah. What's up with that?

Kamek: Next!

Kirby: Hey-o!

Skales: It's our turn, not yoursss!

Kamek: Someone just go! And quickly!

Pythor: Okay, but stop pushing!

Skales: Alright, begin the song!

Kamek: Actually, no. You guys leave and never return.

-The Serpentine fall into the portal to Ninjago-

Kamek: Marx, set up stage again! I'll be back in a few hours!

Marx: Fine!

-Kamek walks somewhere else-

Marx: Okay, so you bozos go set up stage.

Yoshi: Why?

Marx: Because I said so.

Yoshi: Why did you tell us to?

Marx: Because.

Yoshi: Because what?

Paratroopa: We're not setting up stage again.

Boo: Guys, get ready to be an angry mob!

Toadce: This is my favorite part of the day, you know.

Goomba #1: Yeah.

Goomba #2: I don't know why we don't hang around with these guys more often!

-Marx flies away-

Paratroopa: My book!

Marx: Ha!

Paratroopa: Give me that book!!!

-Paratroopa flies after Marx-

Yoshi: What the heck?!

To be continued....