Yoshi: Well, that was interesting.

Boo: Para, I can't believe you dislocated his wing!

Paratroopa: I'm kinda tired. Here is my notebook. You can find the songs I've come up with in there.

Boo: Okay. Good night.

-Paratroopa flies to bed-

Yoshi: Okay, so let's see what we have so far...

Boo: Hmm. He's come up with a lot.

Yoshi: This could work! Boo, get the guitar! We have a song to make!


Kirby: We try to fight the fight,

Chilly: Even through times of blight.

Waddle Doo: As the sun rises we take up the trial,

Chilly: Running through things with the screams of denial.

Kirby: Try your hardest to succeed,

Waddle Doo: Find a way to meet the needs.

Chilly: Sometimes it's hard to fight all that is bad,

Waddle Doo: And sometimes it's just really sad.

Kirby: Fighting the bad guys is what we do,

Waddle Doo: People like Dedede, Marx, and Zero-Two.

Chilly: All we do is for greater goods,

Waddle Doo: And with us, all goes as it should!

Kirby: Don't mind us, we fight it all!

Chilly: Going inside buildings and through the wall!

Waddle Doo: We've been the heroes for a long time!

Kirby: And our expertise has been stopping Dreamland's crime!

Chilly: It all started with King Dedede,

Waddle Doo: And he, the tyrant, ruled with wicked glee.

Kirby: Hope seemed lost, but we kept on going.

Waddle Doo: And soon we beat the king beyond his knowing!

-The audience cheers loudly-

Kamek: Well, that was a great performance. You guys get to stay and watch Yoshi do his song!

Kirby: Cool!

Snips: Hey! Our song is next!

Papes: Yeah!

Kamek: Argh! Fine, just make it quick!

Ronk: Okay!

-Ronk ground-pounds Kamek-

Kamek: Ow!

Snips: We're sharp like scissors,

Ronk: Heavy like rocks,

Papes: And we're wrapped like angry presents!

Kamek: That was horrible! Next!

-Snips, Papes, and Ronk argue-

Waddle Doo: Ha! That was hilarious!

Snips: Paper Cut-Crusher!

Waddle Doo: Wha? No!

-Waddle Doo gets beaten up-

Snips: Ha!

Kamek: Alright. now that we've gotten those out of the way...

Marx: But our song is next!

Petey Piranha and Konk: Yeah!!!

Kamek: Okay fine!

Marx: Alright, on three!

Konk: We're the villains of high tiers!

Petey Piranha: And we play with the odds on tight wires!

Marx: Failure is not an option,

Petey Piranha: We're beyond the wing of all correction!

Marx: All those who seek a fight,

Konk: Get ready for a -KONK- tonight!

Marx: We seek control over all,

Petey Piranha: Sometimes it's good to be very tall!

Marx: What?

-Kamek sends Marx and Konk back to their own dimensions-

Petey Piranha: Why did you do that?

Kamek: Because. Your part ruined it.

Petey Piranha: Well, you sure are a meanie.

Kamek: Yeah. So leave.

-Petey Piranha flies away-

Kamek: Finally! The moment you've been waiting for has arrived!

Toadiko: Is it the time where we get to leave this place?

Kamek: What?! No, guess again.

Black Mage: Is it time to cast meteors upon Bowser's castle?

Kamek: Erm, no, it's not time to cast meteors on Bowser's castle. Don't even think about it!

Toadbert: I got stuck in here during my daily round of the Star Shrine.

Kamek: (...?!)

Kylie Koopa: Well, what are we waiting for then?! Let's get the scoop!

Dr. Toadley: Is this audience losing interest? They are.

Kamek: Okay, let's stop with the complaints now...

Starlow: I think this is the wrong place...Is this the meeting of the Star Sprites?

Kamek: Chippy, be quiet.

Starlow: My name is Starlow.

Kamek: Can the audience quiet down NOW?!

Gusty: Toadce, where's my juice?

Toadce: You left it in the past.

Shurikit: I still need to practice the mirror-image technique...

Luneck: Can we leave yet?!

Corporal Paraplonk: Private Goomp, Sergeant Guy, let's go.

Sergeant Guy: I agree!

Private Goomp: But how do we leave?

Stuffwell: It's concluded that this is the Koopaseum, and Bowser has claimed ownership of this establishment.

Kamek: Everyone be quiet!

-Kamek replaces the audience with Goombas-

Yoshi: -walks out- Whoa. What happened to everyone?! I thought there were LESS Goombas!

Kamek: Do your song!

Yoshi: Alright! Sheesh! Boo, Para, let's rock this house!

Paratroopa: This isn't a house, it's the Koopaseum in the middle of Gritzy Desert.

Boo: Okay, I guess we're ready.

Yoshi: We're always bored, but we await adventures,

Boo: Be prepared, they'll be ready for sure.

Paratroopa: Adventure awaits, in every corner,

Yoshi: So let's bust out the order!

Boo: Fighting the fight, against every villain,

Yoshi: And a few hours later, we go home for chillin'!

Paratroopa: Through every land and dimensional plane,

Boo: We crash into things with barrel trains!

Yoshi: Every trial we have faced necessarily,

Paratroopa: With triumvirates comprised of our adversaries!

Boo: No matter what happens next,

Yoshi: We'll be ready for a challenge you won't soon forget!

Paratroopa: Throughout this adventure, we have learned,

Boo: Try to avoid being churned!

Yoshi: There are many lessons we've learned so far,

Boo: And sometimes we have to go in the car.

Paratroopa: We're full of adventure, so you can't beat us!

Yoshi: Strike down the bad guys, that's our routine of awesomeness!

-The three are covered in cake batter-

Paratroopa: Ugh...That really hurt...

Yoshi: What's the big idea- Whoa!

-The audience throws tomatoes at the trio-

Boo: Yowch!

Kamek: Ha! How does that feel?!

Yoshi: You?! Why, I oughta-

Paratroopa: Yoshi, love and tolerance!

Yoshi: Para, no one's going to "love" or "tolerate".

Kamek: Yep! So have a taste of this!

-Kamek and the audience throw water balloons at the three-

Yoshi: I'm starting to feel kinda faint...

Boo: -faints-

Paratroopa: Well, you could get too much water and that could knock you out cold.

-The three black out-

A few hours later...

Yoshi: Wha...Huh?!

Paratroopa: While you were sleeping, we got pelted by pies.

Boo: I don't even know how all of this stuff is hitting me!

Kamek: Alright, I'm pretty satisfied. It was pretty fun setting this up so I could embarrass you guys.

Boo: Wait. You mean this contest was a plan to humiliate us?!

Kamek: That's right! And it worked!

-Kamek dances-

Yoshi: Para, you know what to do.

Paratroopa: On it.

-Paratroopa shoots Kamek with a cannon-

Kamek: Oww! Where did you get a cannon?!

Yoshi: Yeah! That was awesome!

Boo: Serves you right for embarrassing everyone here.

Yoshi: Yeah, especially us, Kamek!

Kamek: Well, you had it coming from the day you stole my wand.

Yoshi: You're a horrible wizard, you know that?

Kamek: Really? How would you like getting sent to Thwomp Volcano?

Yoshi: We can take it!

Paratroopa: Uh, no we can't!

Boo: I agree with Para!

Paratroopa: Thwomp Volcano is currently under Shroob attack. Why would you send us there?!

Kamek: Too bad! I'm sending you there anyway!

Yoshi: What?!

Kamek: Yeah! So long, you three!

-Kamek teleports the three to Thwomp Volcano-

To be continued...