-The trio steps out of the portal-

Boo: Where are we?!

Yoshi: I dunno.

Paratroopa: Well, according to my book, we are near the exit of the Underwhere.

-A faint but somewhat loud screech is heard-

Boo: Uhh...

Yoshi: What was that?

???: Bring in the Underchomp!

-Underchomp lunges at the trio-

Yoshi: What?!

Boo: No! Not again!

Paratroopa: Watch out!

-Paratroopa flies up with Yoshi and Boo-

???: Ah ah ah, no flying or "magic".

-Paratroopa's wings get plucked off-

Paratroopa: Hey!

???: Rules of the game if you want to get out alive. No magic either.

Boo: What magic?

-Boo turns into a Goomba-

Yoshi: okay, dude?

Boo/Goomba: You're kidding me!

Paratroopa: So is that it?

???: No. You still have to fight the Underchomp.

-Underchomp roars-

Paratroopa: Okay...Run!

Yoshi: Where are we going?!

Boo/Goomba: Can't I just poof behind it and- Oh. Oh...

Paratroopa: It's coming! Run faster!

-Red Underchomp lunges-

Yoshi: Whoa!

Boo/Goomba: I can't float!

Paratroopa: -panting- Technically, floating is a form of magic!

-Yellow Underchomp breathes stinky breath-

Yoshi: Eww, it stinks!

-Blue Underchomp breathes blue fire-

Boo/Goomba: Ow!

Paratroopa: Yoshi, take the red one, Boo, take the yellow, and I'll take the blue. Go!

-Yoshi kicks an egg at Red Underchomp-

???: Red Underchomp takes 16 damage and faints!

Yoshi: Aww yeah!

-Boo/Goomba tackles Yellow Underchomp-

???: Boo Goomba deals 8 damage!

Boo/Goomba: Aw, come on!!! Really? REALLY?

???: Yes, really, Boo Goomba.

-Blue Underchomp cracks Paratroopa's shell-

Paratroopa: Augh! This REALLY hurts!

-Yoshi and Boo/Goomba throw rocks at Blue Underchomp-

???: Blue Underchomp faints!

-Yellow Underchomp releases a horrible stench at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: This stuff reeks!

Yoshi: Take a seat; I got this!

-Yoshi throws a flaming egg at Yellow Underchomp-

???: And the Underchomp collective is defeated!

Yoshi: We did it!

-Boo/Goomba turns back into a Boo-

Boo: Finally!

???: Ooh, looks like Parakoopa is close to "Game Over"!

Paratroopa: Oh, shut up! Who and where ARE you?

???: Uhh...

Paratroopa: -sighs- Endgame, is that you?

???: No! I am the almighty's guard!

Yoshi: -snickers- You're really bad at imitating something "almighty".

Boo: Can you show yourself?

Paratroopa: Seriously, Endgame. Cut it out.

???: Fine. I shall reveal myself! I am the best!

Boo: (This guy's full of himself...)

Paratroopa: (That really doesn't sound like something Endgame would say...)

???: I am the awesomeness of the havens! The best of the elite! The-

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Get on with it!

???: I'm Skrynce! The best Hammer Bro. there is!

Yoshi: What the heck was all that about?

Boo: Skrynce?

Skrynce: That's my name; don't rub it out!

Yoshi: (Man, this guy is lame.)

Boo: (I know. Paratroopa, do you know him?)

Paratroopa: (Not a clue.)

Skrynce: Hey, whatcha talkin' about?

Boo: Uhh...

Yoshi: Why did you tell the Underchomp to attack us?

Skrynce: Uh...Oh lookit! Lord Bowser's calling me back!

Boo: You're clearly making that up...

Skrynce: I'm out. Peace!

Paratroopa: Bye?

-Skrynce jumps into the River Twygz-

Yoshi: He does realize that the river isn't an actual river filled with actual water, right?

Paratroopa: He should be resurfacing in 3...2...1...

-Skrynce pops out of the river and runs towards a pipe-

Boo: Let's follow him into that pipe!

Yoshi: Alright, let's go! Paratroopa, get ready to fly!

Paratroopa: ...He plucked my wings, Yoshi! I won't be able to fly for at least a week!

-Paratroopa points to his shell-

Boo: Can we go? I don't wanna hear "bring in the Underchomp" again...

Yoshi: Alright! Let's move!

-The three jump into the pipe-

To be continued...