-The three crawl around in the pipe maze-

Boo: You never said that this place was a maze!!!

Yoshi: I didn't know!

Paratroopa: -sigh- Have YOU been to this part of the Underwhere, Boo?

Boo: Uhh...No?

Yoshi: What?

Paratroopa: Never mind. Let's find a way out...

Yoshi: How?!

Boo: I don't know...

-Vines wrap around Yoshi's leg-

Yoshi: This hurts! Are these plant vines? With spikes?!

Paratroopa: Apparently they are, Yoshi. Hold still, me and Boo are gonna try getting them off.

Boo: I will? -shrugs-

Yoshi: Someone just pull- Ow!

-Boo and Paratroopa pull the vines off Yoshi's leg-

Yoshi: Thanks, guys.

Boo: No problem, dude!

Paratroopa: Uhh...

Yoshi: What's up, Paratroopa?

Boo: Look at the ground!

-Vines creep along the surface of the pipe tunnel-

Paratroopa: ...That's just creepy. Let's go another way!

Yoshi: Why? ...Oh, I see.

-The three run through another pipe-

Boo: I see more creeping vines!

Yoshi: Man, what're these vines made of?

Paratroopa: I dunno- Gaahhh!

Yoshi and Boo: Huh?

-Paratroopa is dragged on the ground by spiky vines-

Boo: Dude! What happened?!

Paratroopa: I'm being dragged away, why?

Yoshi: What are they made of?

Paratroopa: The vines? Whatever they're made of, it's not breaking easily!

-Yoshi and Boo run after Paratroopa-

Boo: Don't worry, we're coming! Wait, can't you just fly away?

Paratroopa: -waves pair of wings- Seriously, getting dragged on the ground on your foot by an animate vine filled with spikes really hurts..

Boo: Oh. Well, we're coming?

Yoshi: Uh...

Paratroopa: What's up- Oh. What is that?

-Petey Piranha roars loudly-

Boo: Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yes?

Boo: What is that thing in the middle of the room?!

Paratroopa: That is obviously a Piranha Plant.

Yoshi: What kind of Piranha Plant is that?

Paratroopa and Boo: Petey the Piranha!!!

Petey Piranha: -roars-

Boo: Run!

-Paratroopa flutters away from the vine-

Yoshi: This guy needs a tree trimming!

Boo: What? He's not even a tree!

Petey Piranha: I know! But I still need to eat, so... -flaps leaves and floats in the air-

Paratroopa: Run! Again!

-Volcano Plants fall out of the sky-

Yoshi: Ooh. -pokes Volcano Plant-

-Volcano Plant in Yoshi's hands shoots fireballs-

Paratroopa: Yoshi, put that plant down! It will shoot fireballs!

Yoshi: It already did!

Boo: What do we do?!

-Yoshi swallows a fireball-

Boo and Paratroopa: -in unison- Are you CRAZY?!

Yoshi: -breathes fire on Petey Piranha-

Petey Piranha: Ow! That hurt!

Paratroopa: -looks at book- If you don't want to get burnt any more, allow us permission to leave this labriynth.

Petey Piranha: Okay! Fine! Just leave me alooone!

-The trio exit Petey Piranha's lair-

Yoshi: I'm glad we got out of there!

Paratroopa: I'm sad.

Boo: Sad? Is it because we barely got out alive?

Paratroopa: My wings are gone! Ever since the Underchomp's second attack!

Yoshi: It's not that bad. Your wings will probably grow back quickly.

-Paratroopa slaps Yoshi-

Yoshi: Ow!

To be continued...