-The three walk out of the pipe maze-

Yoshi: Are we there yet? I'm bored!

Boo: -annoyed- You've asked that question seven times alreaady!

Paratroopa: Okay, so according to my logbook, we are approaching the highlands of...The Beanbean Kingdom.

Yoshi: What? I hate beans!

Boo: Yes! We're getting closer to home!

-Five Fire Bros. surround the three-

Fire Bro. #1: Prepare for your doom beneath our feet!

Fire Bro. #2: That was not what we rehearsed!

Paratroopa: Um, I apologize for interrupting, but why are you keeping us from proceeding?

Fire Bro. #5: Because!

Fire Bro. #4: You'll find out!

Fire Bro. #3: At the arena!

Boo: I don't follow. What arena? I don't recall an arena near the Beanbean Kingdom's highlands.

Yoshi: What?! An arena? That means we get to fight things like King Boo! And maybe the Underchomp, or maybe even the Bouldergeist!

Paratroopa: Hey. Wait. What are you doing?!

Boo: Who are you yelling at?

-Fire Bros. throw fireballs at the ground-

Yoshi: Seriously? What is that supposed to do?

Paratroopa: Oh no! The ground is starting to crumble!

-The ground collapses beneath their feet-

Yoshi: Where are we falling?!

Boo: I dunno!

Paratroopa: Watch out! Falling debris may hit you at random times!

-Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa black out-


-The trio starts to wake up-

Yoshi: Ugh...

Boo: Where are we?

Paratroopa: I dunno. I think we're underground.

???: Welcome to the Beanbean underground arena!

Yoshi: Say what now?

Boo: Who's there?

???: Get ready for your first match!

Paratroopa: What? What first match?

???: You three will fight a series of enemies using whatever powerups you want. The number of enemies you beat will decide where we will launch you off to when you can no longer battle.

Yoshi: Awesome!

Paratroopa: Now hold on! We did not agree to your terms!

???: And your first boss will be...The Underchomp!

Paratroopa: What?

???: Bring in the Underchomp!

-Underchomp jumps into the arena grounds-

Yoshi: This is gonna rock! -grabs Dash Pepper-

-Yoshi runs around the Underchomp-

???: Ooh! Looks like all three heads of the Underchomp have taken 7 damage because they're so dizzy!

Paratroopa: Uhh...-grabs a Cluckboom-

Blue Underchomp: -laughs- What is that supposed to do?

-Cluckboom drop-kicks Blue and Yellow Underchomp-

Yellow Underchomp: I don't feel so good anymore...

Blue Underchomp: You never feel good!

???: That looks like it hurts! Blue and Yellow Underchomps take 5 damage!

-Cluckboom flies back to peck at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Ow!

???: Paratroopa takes 12 damage!

Boo: Someone help!

-Red Underchomp breathes crimson fire on Boo-

???: Boo takes 3 damage!

Yoshi: Stop saying this stuff!

???: End the battle already; our audience is getting bored!

Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa: -in unison- Shut up!

???: Okay, continue...

-Yoshi and Boo breathe fire onto Blue and Yellow Underchomp-

Blue Underchomp: Nooo!

Yellow Underchomp: I don't feel good...

Blue Underchomp: -sigh- Like always...

???: Blue and Yellow Underchomps have been defeated!

-Paratroopa gets chased by Red Underchomp-

Red Underchomp: You guys won't escape this time!

Paratroopa: It's great that you guys beat the other two, but can you HELP me?!

Yoshi: Uhh, we're coming!

Red Underchomp: I don't think so! -breathes fire-

-Boo throws a spiked ball at Red Underchomp-

???: And the Underchomp collective is defeated! Next boss: Waddle Doo!

-Waddle Doo walks in-

Waddle Doo: Alright, let's get this over with!

Yoshi: ...What are you?!

Boo: This is a Waddle Doo. He comes from the planet Pop Star.

Waddle Doo: Obviously!

Paratroopa: Uhh...

???: And begin!

Waddle Doo: Ya' can't beat me!

-Waddle Doo pulls out a sword-

Boo: How do we beat this guy? I don't have any preferences for this kind of thing!

Paratroopa: From what I've heard, these things shoot beams...

Waddle Doo: You betcha! -shoots beams at Boo and Paratroopa-

Boo and Paratroopa: Ow!

Waddle Doo: I just want to go back to Cappy Town, alright? So let me beat you!

Paratroopa: I really don't think that's a good way to solve this at all.

Waddle Doo: -blasts Paratroopa-

???: Once again, you are on the brink of "Game Over". You need better luck.

Paratroopa: Is that you, Skrynce?!

???: No, I am not! Just continue your battle!

Yoshi: Oh, for goodness sake!

-Yoshi turns Waddle Doo into an egg-

Waddle Doo: 'Ey! Lemme outta here!

Yoshi: Can we just battle him later?!

Boo: (Methinks someone is angry...)

Paratroopa: (Yeah, I guess so.)

???: Sure, I guess. Just please don't hurt me...

Yoshi: Thank you! He was starting to annoy me!

???: Next boss: The Koopa Bros!

Yoshi: Who?

-The Koopa Bros. walk in-

Koopa Bros.: We are the Super Awesome Mighty Ultra Amazing Koopa Bros. The Greatest, the best of the best!

Boo: Why do you have such a long name?

Black Ninjakoopa: Because we are the Super Awesome Ultra Amazing Koopa Bros. The Greatest!

Red Ninjakoopa: Prepare to be defeaten! Yellow and Green! Bring in the robot!

-A robot is rolled into the arena grounds-

Yoshi: You're kidding me. A ROBOT?! How are we going to fight a ROBOT?!

Yellow Ninjakoopa: Your problem! Let's roll out!

-The Koopa Bros enter the robot-

Yoshi: Uhh...

???: Ready? Begin!

Paratroopa: Everyone, get ready. I know what to do.

Yoshi: Alright!

Boo: Got it!

-Paratroopa pulls out a Falling Star-

Paratroopa: Ready? Go!

Red Ninjakoopa: What are they doing?

Black Ninjakoopa: They're using a Falling Star! Run!

-Falling Star crashes into the robot-

Yellow Ninjakoopa: Oh no!

Green Ninjakoopa: You'll pay for this!!!

To be continued...