Alumas: Mirriois went where?

Wings: He went on some trial, the gate is still open, we should go get to them.

Rosalina: How in heavens was Polari convinced to participate?

Shale: I was also thinking about that... Gnarly...

Wings: He was pushed in. Just follow me, who is coming?

Shale and Alumas: I will!

Rosalina: I need to watch the children of space... Keep in touch with me Wings.

Wings: ..Hehe... Sure thing! *Blushes*

Back in a distant game universe*

Mirriois: What is this place? Ancient greece?

Shade Boo: Does that mean I can trick innocent humans? *giggles*


???: What do you think you're doing!

Mirriois: Where is that voice coming from?

Polari: It's... just a distant voice.

???: That's it, if you want to survive, you're all coming with me!

  • The three glow*

Shade Boo: Hehe.

???: What's so funny Trident?

Shade Boo: What? How did you... 

Mirriois: Trident is his name? And I thought it was Speedy.

Polari: *Facepalm*

???: Now now, I know all your names, I can tell your information from your soul, I'm the godess of nature, you are now under my power, I'm Viridi

Polari: Miss, you are overly kind, is there something you want us to do?

Viridi: *Snickers* I knew you'd ask. Power of Flight!

  • The three are flying in the air* 

Random red bomb is falling* 

Mirriois: What is this?

Viridi: it's a reset bomb, this will return Earth to it's natural state! The World is better enough without this Human scum!

Trident: *Snickers* I'm willing to help

Mirriois: Is this the right thing to do?

Bomb deactivates*

???: Of course not!

Viridi: Palutena! How dare you!?

Palutena: I know humans are wreckless, but this isn't the way to handle them. 

Viridi: YOU don't tell me how to handle anything! *Screams ferociously* Go my children! Go take Palutena's angel's life! You three are going to handle pit on my command though take these weapons!

  • Gives Mirriois a staff, gives Trident claws, and gives Polari Orbitars*

Polari: Uh... sure? Maam?

Palutena: Pit! Get these three 

Pit: I'll do as you say! 

Mirriois: Let's do this.

  • End of part 1*