RED Heavy and Sniper come out of the resupply room in 2Fort

Heavy: Today is wonderful day!

Sniper: It sure is, mate. Snipin' should be a dooley with you around.

Heavy: Let us begin. (runs down to the lower floor)

Sniper: (runs over to the window and begins sniping by looking through his rifle's scope)

Meanwhile for the Heavy, he comes running out of the RED team's building, discovering that there are too many Spies on the team

Heavy: (gasps)

Camera views the myriad of RED Spies

Heavy: Oh no! Too many Spies on RED team! This is not good!

Cuts to a view through the Sniper's rifle's scope. He, too, notices the multitude of Spies and lifts his head from the scope as the camera resumes viewing the Sniper

Sniper: (gasps) Holy dooley! Why the piss are there that many Spies!?

Cuts to a Spy

Sniper: (offscreen) Hey, wanker!

Spy: (turns around) What?

Camera views the Sniper

Sniper: What the hell is wrong with you!? Change your bloody class!

Spy: Hmm... non. (he cloaks, only for a BLU Soldier to gib him afterwards with a rocket)

Pans to the Soldier

Soldier: (laughs) You, cadet, are walking the forces of death!

Cuts to the Heavy

Heavy: Somebody must stop Spies!

Cuts to a Spy having rolled a Sapper towards a lvl. 3 Sentry Gun, only for it to fail. The Sentry Gun is targeting the Spy

Spy: (gasps)

Engineer: What in Sam hell were ya thinking, boy?

Spy: Ugh, merde. (he screams in pain as the Sentry fires at him)

Inside the BLU team's building

A third Spy disguises as a BLU Spy and sneaks up to a Medic attempting to backstab him, only for the Demoman to blow his cover

Demoman: That Spy's a bloody traitor!

Medic: (turns around) Vhat?

Spy: Oh, fu-

The Medic saws the Spy is the face with his Bonesaw

Medic: Vat is wrong viz you, schweinhund?

Cuts to the front of the BLU team's building. A fourth Spy comes running out with a BLU Pyro in pursuit from behind him, who is attempting to burn him

Spy: I require assistance, RED amis!

Pyro: (laughs evilly)

The Pyro ultimately catches up and burns the Spy to death

Back to the Heavy and Sniper

Heavy: Is not possible! How could this happen!?

Pans to the Sniper

Sniper: Beats me, mate.

A stab sound is heard and the Sniper falls down, revealing a Spy from behind having backstabbed him

Heavy: (gasps) No, Sniper! (growls) I must put an end to this!

An uncloak sound is heard

Spy: (from behind) Ahem.

Heavy: (turns around, with his back still facing the Spy) Uh-oh.

The Spy backstabs the Heavy, who dies as he screams in pain, as the screen turns black, thus concluding the short