Yoshi: I'm bored!

Paratroopa: I know!

Boo: -reading- Guys, I'm trying to concentrate, please keep it down.

Yoshi: Where are we?

Paratroopa: Planet Bunnera.

Boo: What? I thought we were going to Dreamland?

-The trio approaches a giant door-

Boo: I think something big's in there...

Paratroopa: ...Well, I think we've gone far enough! Let's go!

Yoshi: What? But we just got here!

-Yoshi pushes the door open-

Paratroopa: (...!) No, really, we gotta go!

Boo: Why? Do you know something about this place?

Paratroopa: A lot. Now let's go- And we can't go back!

Boo: There's a mysterious force keeping us from going back! The only way we can go is into that door!

-Boo puts away his book-

Yoshi: Aww yeah! C'mon guys! We're gonna see what's behind there!

Paratroopa: No! We can't!

Yoshi: Too bad, I'm dragging you with us!

Paratroopa: Hey! You don't know what's in there!

-The trio goes in-

Yoshi: Where are we?

Boo: You asked that already...

Paratroopa: Guys! We've walked into Mashtooth's room!

Yoshi: Now you're telling us!

Boo: Who's Mashtooth?

Paratroopa: Uhh...That guy...

Mashtooth: Who dares disturb me?!

Yoshi: We do! Now let us out!

Mashtooth: NEVER!!!

-Lightning crashes on Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Ow!

Mashtooth: Prepare yourselves!

-Mashtooth throws a sword at Yoshi-

Yoshi: -dodges- Whoa! That was close!

Paratroopa: This guy is really strong. Be careful!

-Yoshi rams into Mashtooth-

Mashtooth: You'll pay for that!

-Mashtooth throws a sword at Yoshi-

Yoshi: Why does he throw swords?!

Boo: You're one to talk! I'm stuck in his nostrils!

Yoshi: Ew. That's nasty.

Paratroopa: CHARGE!

-Paratroopa uses a Rock Mushroom and rolls over Mashtooth-

Yoshi: Woo-hoo!

Mashtooth: WHY YOU!!!

-Mashtooth throws Boo at Paratroopa-

Boo: Ew! I'm covered in snot! ...Sorry, Para.

Paratroopa: Ugh...Yeah, that figures.

-Yoshi spits a ball of lightning at Mashtooth-

Yoshi: Okay, someone hand me a Gold Flower. That means you, Para.

Paratroopa: Catch!

-Yoshi becomes Gold Yoshi-

Mashtooth: What are you supposed to be, a gold statue?

Yoshi: What? No!

-Yoshi turns Mashtooth's sword into gold-

Mashtooth: My sword!

Yoshi: And for the finishing move!

Boo: We never practiced that!

Paratroopa: What is that again?

Yoshi: Whatever. Just attack!

-The trio attacks and defeats Mashtooth-

Mashtooth: Urgh...

-Mashtooth falls to the ground-

Boo: We did it!

Yoshi: How do you feel about that, Mash Potatoes?

Mashtooth: Not...over...yet...

-Lightning crashes onto the floor-

Yoshi: Whoa! What was that?

Boo: The floor appears to be collapsing...

Paratroopa: Oh no, he's doing it!

Yoshi: What? What's he doing?

Paratroopa: He's turning into...

Boo: Into?

Paratroopa: Mega Mashtooth!!!

-Mashtooth turns into a giant dragon-like creature-

Yoshi: Heh. Para, lighten up, we beat him once, we can- Oh.

Boo: He looks like Tubba Blubba!

Yoshi: Boo, does everything that looks like a monster look like Tubba Blubba to you?!

Boo: Yes! Now let's get out of here- Waahhhh!

-The trio flies into space-

Yoshi: We're in space! Wait, how are we still alive?

Paratroopa: I gave you guys some things that may have helped you...

Boo: Well, I'm a Boo, so I don't need air.

Mega Mashtooth: Enough talking!

-Meteors fly towards the trio-

Yoshi: What do we do?! Those meteors will probably kill us!

Paratroopa: We should deflect them!

Boo: On it!

-Boo spins around and hurls the meteor towards Mega Mashtooth-

Mega Mashtooth: Ow! So you have discovered my weakness!

Yoshi: Yeah!

-The trio deflects meteors at Mega Mashtooth-

Mega Mashtooth: Urgh...You guys are annoying!

-Mashtooth shoots Bunnera's moon with a laser-

Boo: Uhh, what's he doing?

Paratroopa: He's gonna hurl this planet's moon at us! His trajectory is almost perfect, so we won't be able to dodge! What should we do? He's shooting the moon!

Yoshi: Then we have to hurl the moon back at him!

Paratroopa: Say what?! That's not possible!

Boo: Actually, it might be...

Yoshi: How?

Boo: We have to combine all the powerups in Para's shell!

Yoshi and Paratroopa: WHAT?!

Boo: I dunno...It just seems like the only way...

Yoshi: Alright. Let's do it!

-The powerups combine together and give the trio strength-

Yoshi: Huh. I'm feeling awesome! Let's do this!

-Mega Mashtooth pushes the moon-

Mega Mashtooth: You can't beat me!

Yoshi: Oh yeah? Guys, let's do it!

Boo: When we get home, we're making up new catchphrases.

-The trio shoves the moon towards Mega Mashtooth-

Mega Mashtooth: Huh?! Noooooooooo!!!

-The moon explodes-

Yoshi: We did it! For real this time!

Boo: Para, let's go home. This place tired me out...

Paratroopa: Alright!

-The trio teleports to the treehouse-

Yoshi: Well, this was kinda cool!

Boo: Yeah! Let's do it again sometime!

Paratroopa: No, not sometime...I'm tired, so let's go to bed...

Yoshi: Aww. You just want to get out of the crazy adventures we always have!

Paratroopa: Heh. Yeah, these adventures are crazy!

Yoshi: Yeah! -throws pillow at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Oh no you don't!

-The trio hurls pillows at each other-

The End