-The trio sits on the cliffside-

Yoshi: Wow, I didn't know nighttime could be this pretty.

Boo: That's because tonight is the night of the Prankster Comets.

Paratroopa: Yeah, and Dr. Toadley said that this happens for a few days, for all the Prankster Comets.

Yoshi: What are Prankster Comets?

Boo: Prankster Comets are these comets that pass by galaxies and do strange things to them.

Paratroopa: There are many types of Prankster Comets.

Boo: There are even spirits called Prankster Spirits, ghosts with the same abilities as Prankster Comets, but on a smaller scale.

Yoshi: Blah, blah, blah, too much explaining. You guys bore me with these talks every time.

Boo: Yeah, I guess we should just be enjoying this night.

Paratroopa: Agreed.


Rainbow Yoshi: Oh, great! A Speedy Comet crashed into my backyard!

-A group of Octogoombas jump off the Speedy Comet-

Octogoomba #1: You got that right, punk!

Rainbow Yoshi: Crud. Better run!

-Rainbow Yoshi runs away from the group of Octogoombas-

Octogoomba #1: After him!

Octogoomba #2: But why?

Octogoomba #1: Well, I dunno.

Rainbow Yoshi: -stops- Wait, I'm invincible.

-Rainbow Yoshi beats all the Octogoombas and runs back into his house-

Rainbow Yoshi: Okay, I should be safe here...

A few hours later...