-The three are sitting watching TV-

Yoshi: I wonder what's on TV?

Boo: TV? You mean that thing that allows you to watch stuff?

Yoshi: -turns on TV- Yes, that is what I'm talking about.

Paratroopa: Hi guys what are you doing? Oh watch TV?

Yoshi: Yeah, want to join us?

Paratroopa: Sure!

Boo: I think I should be the one with the remote.

Boo: Oh, Haunted Mansions reviews!

Yoshi: Don't even think about it.

-Yoshi takes the remote and sees channels-

Paratroopa: Wait go back!

Yoshi: Okay.

Boo: Is that Endgame?!

Paratroopa: I think so.

Endgame: So thanks for coming and joining us in Talk Time with Endgame King Dedede!

Paratroopa: It is Endgame!

King Dedede: Yeah just one question? When is this ending?

Endgame: When is this- why this is a talk show, you can suit yourself to when you want to leave!

King Dedede: Okay thanks!

-King Dedede leaves quickly-

Endgame: Wait that doesn't mean you can leave right now!

Endgame: Oh well, if any of you want to talk with me call me at...

-Paratroopa turns TV off-

Boo: Poor Endgame he doesn't have any people to do his talk show.

Paratroopa: Let's go crash this party!

Yoshi; It is a talk show you know?

Paratroopa: You know what I meant.

-The team crashes the talk show-

Endgame: What the?! Who are you?!

Yoshi: You know who we are!

Endgame: I sure wish I didn't! Folks welcome Yoshi, Boo, and Paratroopa!

Endgame: So a few questions? Number One how do you like beating up evil?

Boo: Stop with the questions Endgame!

Yoshi: Get the laser blasters!

Boo: We don't have laser blasters.

Yoshi: Oh, very well. Get the water blaster!

Paratroopa: Got them! Now lets water this place!

Boo: That's the best catchup line you could think of?

Paratroopa: Does it really matter?

Yoshi: Kinda, yes people are watching us.

Endgame: Good thing I brought my own water blasters!

-And so they Team and Endgame have a water fight-

Random Watcher #1: Wow I will rate this show 4 stars now!

Random Watcher #2: I will buy his T-shirts now!

Endgame: -Got attacked by water- Man, I just got this suit!

Yoshi: Okay team our work here is done!

Boo: Can we have pizza!

-The team goes off-

Endgame: Oh man, my show is ruined!!

Bowser: I don't think so.

Endgame: Bowser?

Bowser: Yes it's me. Your show was a hit!

Endgame: Really!

Bowser: Yes this battle made the show be rated higher.

The End