-Boo and Paratroopa play video games-

Boo: Hey, where's Yoshi?

Paratroopa: I think he jumped off the treehouse and ran somewhere.

Boo: Please don't tell me he was sleepwalking again...

Paratroopa: No, but he got up really early.

-Yoshi climbs back up into the treehouse-

Yoshi: Guess what, guys?

Boo and Paratroopa: What?

Yoshi: We're gonna open a lemonade stand!

Boo: Why?

Yoshi: To make some money!

Paratroopa: -sigh- You're trying to buy something, aren't you?

Yoshi: No...What would give you that idea?

Paratroopa: Let's see, there's a newspaper on the table that's been-

-Yoshi eats the newspaper-

Boo: So are we opening a stand or not? Sounds like a good idea.

Paratroopa: But you guys only have the materials to BUILD a stand. You don't have any lemons.

Yoshi: Which is why you're gonna get them for us!

Paratroopa: What?! I absolutely refuse!

-Yoshi throws a hammer at Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: I feel really really dizzy... -bumps into wall-

Boo: What was that for?!

Yoshi: Okay, how about now?

Paratroopa: -crashes into door-

Yoshi: Yeah, he's gonna do it. So let's get building!

Boo: Yeah!


Yoshi: Finally! We did it, Boo!

Boo: Yay!

Yoshi: Where's Para?

-Paratroopa crashes into a tree and drops a lemon tree-

Yoshi: He stole a lemon tree! Awesome!

Paratroopa: Ugh...My head hurts...Wait. What is a lemon tree doing here?! We don't grow lemons!

Yoshi: Oh yeah. When you were really dizzy, I sent you to get some lemons. You crash into things too often, you know? And you almost crushed some stuff.

Paratroopa: Uhh...Well, I'm going to return this tree. Where did I get it from again?

Yoshi: What? No, I need it. Boo, stop him!

Boo: Sorry, Para! -throws fireball-

Paratroopa: Hot hot hot hot hot!

Yoshi: Okay, we're ready to go into business! Boo, lock the treehouse!

Boo: Sorry again!

-Boo locks Paratroopa in the treehouse-

Paratroopa: Hey! Let me out of here!

Yoshi: Hey, someone's coming!

-Kirby and Waddle Doo walk to the stand-

Yoshi: Welcome to our lemonade stand!

Kirby: A lemonade stand? Oh boy. I could go for some lemonade!

Waddle Doo: I dunno...The juice gets in my eye when I drink lemonade...

Yoshi: Would you like a straw then?

Waddle Doo: Yeah sure.

-Yoshi hands out glasses of lemonade-

Boo: That'll be two dollars.

Kirby: Here you go. See ya!

Yoshi: Yes! We made some money! Now how much do we have left to make?

Boo: Uhh...One-hundred and ninety-eight dollars left.

Yoshi: Okay...Want to ask Para for help?

Boo: I think he's mad...

-Paratroopa breaks the door down-

Paratroopa: Argh! Why would you do that?!

Yoshi: I'm sorry, but you were going to derail- Oh great, now I'm using big words! You understand, don't you?

Paratroopa: ...

Boo: You all right there?

-Paratroopa lunges towards Yoshi and Boo-

Yoshi and Boo: Waahhhh!!!

A few hours later...

Paratroopa: You guys should never open a service without being prepared beforehand, okay?

Yoshi: Ugh...Whatever!

Boo: I didn't know you were skilled in interdimensional travel.

Paratroopa: My uncle was an interdimensional traveler, so I learned quite a bit from him.

Yoshi: Hey, I know what we're gonna do tomorrow! Let's open a-

-Paratroopa slaps Yoshi-

Yoshi: Ow! Alright, maybe not!

-Boo and Paratroopa laugh-

The End