-Yoshi and Boo chase each other around-

Yoshi: I'm bored.

Boo: Can you say something besides that?

Yoshi: Where's Para?

Boo: Probably on an adventure.

Yoshi: WHAT?!

-Yoshi faints-

Boo: Yeah. A few days ago he got fed up with how you always ask him to get you stuff.

-Paratroopa flies up to the two-

Paratroopa: Actually, I got back from my journey a few days ago.

Yoshi: Para! You're still alive!

Paratroopa: Yeah, I guess I am.

Boo: It's good to see you alive!

Yoshi: Group dogpile!

-Yoshi and Boo jump on Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: Wha- Get off of me guys!

-The trio laughs-

Yoshi: Well, we should get to bed.

Boo: Actually, me and Para are gonna work on the song.

Yoshi: What for?

Paratroopa: Remember? You asked us to register for that competition against the Koopa Bros.

Yoshi: I did? Huh. Well, good night.

-Yoshi goes to sleep-

Boo: Ugh. Let's work on this tomorrow, Para.

Paratroopa: Agreed.

-Boo and Paratroopa go to bed-

Yoshi: Muffins...

Boo: Yoshi, keep it down please.

-Yoshi jumps off the treehouse-

Endgame: Ahh...What a refreshing night...not a creature in sight- Yoshi?

-Endgame looks at Yoshi-

Endgame: Yoshi, what are you doing at this time of morning?

Yoshi: -snores-

Endgame: Are you sleepwalking?

Yoshi: Not if I can help it Bowser...

-Yoshi kicks Endgame-

Endgame: Ow! Yoshi, wake up before I decide to kick you back!

Yoshi: I'm gonna stop you Bowser...Just you watch!

Endgame: What? No! Stop that already!

-Yoshi tackles Endgame into a brick wall-

Yoshi: I'm going to stop you with this! A vial thing!

Endgame: Hey! What are you-

-Yoshi throws the vial of liquid at Endgame-

Yoshi: -wakes up- Huh? Endgame, what are you doing out here?

Endgame: -blushes- I think I'm in love...

Yoshi: Woo-hoo! You all right?

-Endgame hugs the brick wall-

Yoshi: Uhh?! Wait, what's this?

-Yoshi picks up a piece of paper-

Yoshi: Note: This is a love potion. Well, that figures...

Endgame: The wall is such a shnoopy-doopy wall!

Yoshi: Boo! Paratroopa! We have a problem!

-Boo and Paratroopa run over to Yoshi-

Boo: What's up? You woke us up.

Paratroopa: Yeah!

Yoshi: This is a crisis!

Boo: Say what now?

Paratroopa: What?!

-The wall puts on a tutu-

Paratroopa: Endgame?! A wall dressed up in a tutu?! A broken vial containing a love potion?!

Boo: -glares at Yoshi- Yoshi, explain this at once!

Yoshi: Long story short, I sleepwalked and threw the vial at Endgame, and now...

Paratroopa: Well, whatever happened, we have to fix this.

Endgame: The wall is so pretty! -bats eyelashes-

Paratroopa: But...How...When did he...Eyelashes?! -faints-

Boo: Ugh. Just spray him with water!

-Yoshi gets his water gun and sprays Endgame-

Endgame: -gasp- Who, what, when, how?! What's going on?

Yoshi: Endgame! You're all right!

Endgame: Uhh...Why am I carrying a brick wall dressed in a tutu?

Yoshi: Well, I may have accidentally thrown a love potion at you?

Endgame: My head hurts, so I shall be on my way. Try not to sleepwalk again. (I swear, every single thing he does makes me look like a complete idiot...)

-Endgame flies away-

Paratroopa: Okay, so problem solved. Let's go back to bed.

Boo: Yeah!

Yoshi: Yeah, sure...

-Boo and Paratroopa go back to bed-

Yoshi: Hmm... -picks up a random bag of vials- This is gonna rock...

The End???