-The three sit in their treehouse-

Yoshi: Ugh...I'm bored.

Paratroopa: Like always.

Boo: Why don't we play video games?

-Yoshi pulls out a picture inside a frame-

Yoshi: Why don't we look for the Overchomp?

Boo and Paratroopa: No!

Yoshi: Why not?

Paratroopa: Remember the Underchomp?

Boo: I agree with Para; we shouldn't go!

Yoshi: But that was the Underchomp! We're searching for the Overchomp!

-Paratroopa slaps Yoshi-

Yoshi: Ow! Alright, maybe later.

Boo: Good. We're gonna take a nap; you should join us.

-Boo and Paratroopa take a nap-

Yoshi: Hmm...

-Yoshi drags Boo and Paratroopa to the Overthere Stair-


Yoshi: -slaps Boo and Paratroopa- Wake up!

Boo: Ow! That hurt!

Paratroopa: Ugh...Wait. Did you drag us all the way to the entrance of the Overthere? In our underpants?!

Yoshi: -looking at Boo and Paratroopa- Umm...Yep.

Paratroopa: Dude! I did not want to be dragged out here! Couldn't you have waited for us to wake up?

Yoshi: But you guys woke up.

Boo: Yeah, because you slapped us! How can you even slap a Boo?!

Yoshi: Well, too late. We might as well get through this and meet the Overchomp. -smirks-

Paratroopa: -angry- No! I'm going!

Boo: Uhh, he's mad, and I didn't want to go, as I have a lot of studying to do, so...

Yoshi: Fine! Be that way! I'll do it myself!

-Boo and Paratroopa leave-

Yoshi: Hmph! I'll show them! I'll show them ALL!

???: You sound like a deranged lunatic.

Yoshi: Huh? Wait. Is that you, Endgame?

-A cloud above Yoshi disappears-

Endgame: Fine. It's me.

Yoshi: What are you doing here?

Endgame: Something.

Yoshi: Oh! I know!

Endgame: Know what? You don't even know what a computer does!

Yoshi: Not that! Why don't you help me find the Overchomp?

Endgame: Hm. Well, Lord Bowser hasn't ordered any of the troops here to do anything offensive yet, so I guess.

Yoshi: -hugs Endgame- Great, let's go!

Endgame: I don't need a hug!

-Yoshi and Endgame walk up the Overthere Stair-

A few hours later...

Yoshi: Are we there yet?

Endgame: How, exactly, should I know?

-A shrill cry is heard-

Yoshi: What was that?

Endgame: Like I said, I don't know!

Overchomp: Halt! Who goes there?!

Yoshi: Uhh...

Overchomp: We are the Overchomp! Who and what are you?

-Overchomp looks at Yoshi and Endgame-

Yoshi: Umm, I'm Yoshi, and this is Endgame. I guess we came here to visit?

Overchomp: Great! I have songs I've been dying to sing for people!

Endgame: (How do you feel about this now?)

Yoshi: (Not so good anymore...)

Overchomp: -sings opera-

Endgame: Erm... Excuse me, can we leave yet?

Overchomp: -stops- But you haven't heard the best part yet!

Yoshi: How long has it been since you started?

Overchomp: One minute. This piece is three hours long. Anyway, sit down and please be polite. Ahem! From the beginning again!

Endgame: Oh. My. GOD.


Paratroopa: Meh, I think he's learned his lesson by now. Let's see if he found the Overchomp.

Underchomp: -jumps out of the clouds- Did you say Overchomp?

Boo: I hear operatic singing.

-Boo, Paratroopa, and the Underchomp look through the Overchomp's window-

Yoshi: Someone make him stop!

Overchomp: I'm almost done! Just two more songs! Both of them take five hours, but don't worry! That's a really short time! You guys should like these songs!

Endgame: Because you're an immortal entity, and I'm sure we don't have the time to listen to opera for ten hours!

-Boo breaks down the door-

Boo: Get ready to face the Underchomp!

Underchomp: Overchomp, give us back our stake!

Overchomp: -blows operatic raspberry- Make me!

-Underchomp chases Overchomp inside the palace-

Yoshi: Thank goodness!

Paratroopa: Let's get out before he notices we're gone.

-The trio and Endgame get out-


Endgame: Lord Bowser is taking attendance, so I must leave. Word of advice to you two, Boo and Paratroopa: never follow your incompetent leader's ideas.

Yoshi: Hey!

Paratroopa: See you, Endgame.

-Endgame flies back to Bowser's castle-

Boo: Man, I'm glad that's over...

Yoshi: I'm sorry, guys. I didn't know the Overchomp was some random guy who sings really long songs.

Paratroopa: It's all right, we didn't know either.

Boo: I have a question.

Yoshi: Yeah?

Boo: What do you think the Overchomp is doing up there?

Yoshi: I dunno. Probably still running from the Underchomp.

-The trio laughs heartily-

In the Overchomp's palace...

Overchomp: I surrender! Just stop!

Underchomp: Give us our stake back, then!

Overchomp: Alright!

Underchomp: Thank you! -disappears into the clouds-

Overchomp: Phew! Time to get back to singing!

-Overchomp sings an operatic hymn-

The End